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One Mom’s Breastfeeding Journey Comes to an End

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

young house loveDeciding whether or not to breastfeed is a personal decision moms have been making for decades. But in recent years, the topic of breastfeeding has become a battleground. Proponents for both sides often attack one another so harshly that they forget that they’re all moms just trying to do what’s best for their babies.

Which is why we love Sherry Petersik’s blog post “14 Months Of Breastfeeding.” When Petersik’s daughter, Clara, stopped breastfeeding, the transition was much easier for baby than it was for mom. Petersik’s breastfeeding post is not about persuading other moms to breastfeed: “Whatever works for you & your ducklings = my mantra as a parent in general,” wrote Petersik. Her post is about the joy she got from sharing an intimate experience with her daughter and the sadness she feels now that young Clara’s needs have already changed. It’s a story that all moms can relate to, no matter what their opinion of breastfeeding.

Read all of Petersik’s post at young house love, where she and her husband, John, write about their DIY home-improvement efforts. They – and their beautiful nursery – were featured in the August 2011 issue of American Baby magazine.

Did you decide to breastfeed? If so, tell us how long you were able to and how you felt when it came to an end.

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