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Soft as a Baby’s…You Know the Rest!

Friday, May 2nd, 2014


It’s been a busy week for baby skincare in the American Baby office: Here are three brands that crossed our desk!

1) CeraVe: You may have purchased CeraVe products for yourself in the past, but they’re beneficial for Baby, too. The diaper rash cream, moisturizing lotion, and wash and shampoo, which make up the company’s new line for little ones, are all fragrance-free (and they’re paraben, phthalete, and sulfate-free, too!).

2) JOHNSON’s: The age-old brand has removed parabens, phthalates, and triclosens from their products and has just launched a new reformulated line consisting of “head-to-toe” wash, baby lotion, two types of shampoos and two shampoo/conditioner combinations, and a soothing vapor baby bath.

3) Baby Mantra: The company’s calming lotion (with shea butter and lavender oil) and newborn shampoo and body wash (with coconut and olive oil) are among environmentally-friendly Baby Mantra products made with natural ingredients. They ‘re also reminiscent of your favorite spa scents!

Stock up and keep your little ones smooth!

How to Bathe a Baby
How to Bathe a Baby
How to Bathe a Baby

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Care for Your Kid’s Hair

Friday, February 7th, 2014

* guest-edited by Cozy Friedman, founder of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids in Manhattan and the SoCozy line of hair products, and author of Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair

Q: My daughter has super-curly hair and I don’t…the shampoos I’m used to just make her hair wild. How often should I be cleaning her tight curls, and with what? 

Cozy: Curly-haired kids don’t need to shampoo as often as their straight-haired friends. Over shampooing is very bad for curly hair. It ruffles the cuticle, which makes it hard to manage and look frizzy. Always use a paraben-free (and tear-free of course) shampoo on them, like my SoCozy Shampoo in Verry Berry ( $12, I also strongly recommend using a thick and creamy conditioner that will hydrate and keep hair smooth. 

The other mistake people make is brushing curly hair. You should NEVER, EVER brush curly hair! After bathing, ‘scrunch’ hair dry with a towel and scrunch in a light-to-medium hold gel (always alcohol-free) like my SoCozy Gel in Groovy Grape ($14, to help hold the hair’s natural curl. Air dry or dry with a diffuser. This topic is close to my heart because I have curly hair, but growing up I never really knew it or understood it. I would spend hours blow-drying my hair and then go outside and POOF- it was a frizz ball.  I learned how to care for my curls the hard way!

 Q: My son wants his hair so long, it’s getting in his eyes. If I force him to go short he’ll be mad, but I am hating this monster look. What do you suggest? 

Cozy: You’ll be comforted to know that you are not alone!  I believe that a person’s hair is a very big part of their self-definition, as well as their self-esteem and that it’s important for a child to be able to express themselves. However, as a parent I know only too well how important it is that your child looks great. I think it’s important to find out why your child has a style idea in mind (is it to look like his friend or is it a power-struggle issue), so you know what is driving it and how to address and negotiate.

One summer both of my boys wanted buzz cuts. They both had long great hair and I really didn’t want them to cut it, so I said no and off to camp they went. Wasn’t I surprised on visiting day to find them both with buzz cuts?!  I was even more surprised by how much I liked it and how happy they were with their cool new look. They are now 16 and 14 and needless to say they have gone through many different hair phases. One of my sons went through a phase where he wouldn’t cut his hair for over a year. He looked like he was wearing a wig!  But he liked it and it made him feel good about himself and of course he eventually got a haircut. I can’t assure you that it will always be easy to navigate, but I can assure you that hair is just hair and it will always grow back!

Q: We just heard from the school that there’s lice going around! How should I check my kid and, if she’s got it, treat her?

Cozy: Oh boy, that’s never pleasant! I recommend that you check often. Be sure to check the head section by section, paying attention to the nape of the neck and area behind the ears, where lice like it most. (Here is what full-grown lice look like.) Also keep in mind that you aren’t just looking for the lice itself, but also for nits, which are the lice eggs. If you see tiny whitish/gray teardrop-shaped specks attached to the side of a hair strand, try to remove it with your fingernails. If it feels “stuck”, it may very well be a nit.

As for how to treat lice, there a few different schools of thought. Some people use chemicals and some prefer to smother the bugs (usually with thick, white conditioner or something like mayonnaise or olive oil). Regardless of which you choose, the most important part of lice removal is getting rid of every nit! I can’t stress this enough. If you leave even one nit, when it hatches you will have lice again. That is why it’s so hard to get rid of it. There is no way around physically removing all the nits, best done by sitting down and combing section by section (with a nit comb). That’s why so many parents choose to give boys, at least, a crew cut, because getting rid of the hair automatically gets rid of any nits on that hair. You will still have to comb out, but with less hair! It’s not fun, but unfortunately it’s often a part of growing up.

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Safe Body and Skin Care Products for Kids

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

It’s scary to think of all the harsh chemicals we ingest daily during harmless activities. Until recently, I didn’t even know that the shampoos, soaps, and cosmetics I was using contained ingredients that were actually dangerous for my health. Many moms are deciding not to take their chances and are instead switching to products made with natural, organic, and easy-to-pronounce ingredients for themselves and their little ones.

Gregg Renfrew, founder of Beautycounter, is one of these moms. After noticing a lack of safe yet stylish products on the market, Renfrew created the body and skin care line, which launched last spring. Renfrew’s Beautycounter products, such as the Everyday Shampoo and Conditioner, are vegan, gluten-free, and made without harmful petrochemicals. Bonus: they come in sleek, sophisticated packaging so you can feel good about replacing some of your old favorites on your vanity.

Of course, parents and their children appreciate different styles and tastes, so with that in mind, Renfrew has decided to extend Beautycounter to create Kidscounter. The line, which launched with its Bath Collection in November, is made with the same healthy goal in mind but with a kid-friendlier approach. The first three products of the kids’ line are the colorful and fruit-scented Nice Do Shampoo, Not a Knot Conditioner, and Squeaky Clean Body Wash, retailing for $16 each.

All of the Beautycounter and Kidscounter products are available for purchase at or through a local Beautycounter consultant.

Image courtesy of Beautycounter

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Grooming Dad: Interview with Redken Consultant Jenny Balding

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Redken Shampoo and ConditionerI recently had the chance to interview Jenny Balding, the Redken for Men consultant, about men’s hair and styling. Here’s what she had to say.

Q. Guys usually seem to get that strange “I just got my hair cut” frizziness. Are there any tips or techniques that help make your style look fresh from day one?
A. “There really shouldn’t be any frizziness after a good haircut, but if there is, guys should try not to shampoo their hair every day so they can create a ‘lived-in’ look. Use a little putty or paste to calm down any fly-aways, like my favorite Redken For Men Outplay Texture Putty, for example. This will really help if your hair tends to get puffy. For longer locks that get puffy, try a little Redken For Men Loose Ends Liquid Pomade.”

Q. Most guys have short hair…how necessary is it for them to use conditioner? Are there benefits for conditioner beyond just keeping long hair healthy?
A. “The only male clients I recommend NO conditioner to is if they have fine, straight hair. It will make it too soft and flat. Conditioner is great for taking the puff out the hair and controlling frizz, however short your hair is.” (Try new Redken For Men Cool Finish Invigorating Conditioner.)

Q. When shampooing and conditioning, is there a preferred amount of time you should leave the product in your hair?
A. “If you have a lot of product in your hair, shampoo twice and leave the first lather on for 2-3 minutes to get through any heavy wax type product. Also, if you have thick and/or coarse hair, leave the conditioner on an extra few minutes to really moisturize the hair.”

Q. As a woman and a professional stylist, what are your thoughts on men with grey hair? And if a guy is still hanging on to his youth, what can you tell us about Redken’s Color Camo Treatment?
A. “I think men going grey or who are grey usually look really great in fact! If they feel like they have to disguise some of the grey, though, Redken Color Camo is perfect for this. It really takes the edge off the grey and only takes 5 minutes at the shampoo bowl in the salon, so it’s very discreet. It fades naturally and doesn’t fade to a warm reddish tone that so many colors for men do.”

Q. If you had to choose your favorite male celebrity haircut right now, who would it belong to?
A. “If I had to choose, it would be David Beckham, as it’s a more commercial version of the style that actor Michael Pitt had his hair in the HBO show Boardwalk Empire. That haircut heavily influenced many of the looks from 2011 through to 2012, and it continues to inspire. Whether it’s messier on top or smooth and slick and parted to one side, it is a very versatile look.”

Q. What do you feel will be the next big haircut trend for men?
A. “I think this trend (à la David Beckham’s cut: shorter on both sides and longer on top) will continue for the rest of 2012, as it can be tweaked in various ways. It’s such a good look for most guys, and depending on their hair texture, you have it designed and styled accordingly. For example, maybe a guy would choose to go not quite as short on the sides and more texture on top, but the ‘old-school’ 1920′s feel is still there.”

Q. Finally, do you have any non-evasive techniques or products you’d recommend for a dad with a receding hairline?
A. “Of course! Redken INTRA FORCE, our breakthrough anti-thinning line for men and women that just launched last year. It’s a three-step system that helps eliminate DHT and nourishes scalp and hair to visibly improve the appearance of thinning hair in just 30 days. And it really works.”


I also had the chance to try out the new Redken Invigorating Shampoo and Conditioner for Men. I liked how the product smelled like peppermint, which is a hard smell to beat when it comes to feeling clean. Plus, it has the added benefit of making your scalp tingle. You can find the shampoo and conditioner at a licensed Redken salon by going to Redken’s website. The shampoo is $11 and the conditioner is $12.

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Grooming Dad: A New Twist on an Old Style

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Paul Mitchell has created a new line for men called Mitch, and it’s a great addition to an already praise-worthy brand. The line is geared for men that like slick design and clean–not overpowering–scents. I recently tested the Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, and it really knocked it out of the park. The shampoo has a clean soap smell. It also has amazing lather, worthy of any sudsy shampoo commercial. After rinsing, my hair felt clean, but not dry–definitely a plus for having the conditioner in the same bottle.

I also tested two of the styling products (well, I tested one and had a dad test the other). I currently have the Don Draper haircut so I tried Barber’s Classic Pomade, which has moderate hold and high shine. It worked easily into my hair and provided enough hold to keep my hair in place while still having some flexibility. It is very lightly scented and kept my hair looking shiny all day. My dad tester used the Clean Cut styling cream, which has medium hold with a semi-matte finish. He goes for the natural disheveled look, and this cream worked well for him. He said it was easiest to use when his hair was dry and that it held his hair up all day without looking styled.

Overall, these products from Mitch stepped up to the plate and did exactly what they said they would. The Double-Hitter shampoo retails for $15.50, and both styling products go for $16.99. You can find these products and the rest of the line at a local retailer by visiting

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Global Population Reaches 7 Billion, or Doesn’t
An effort by the United Nations to draw attention to the fact that the global population is now or soon will be 7 billion sowed confusion on Monday, as some news organizations, anxious to put a human face on the estimate, searched the globe for a newborn to anoint the seven billionth person, conflating a projection with an exact count.

Groups Push J&J on Baby Shampoo Chemicals
Two chemicals considered harmful to babies remain in Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo sold in the U.S., even though the company already makes versions without them, according to a coalition of health and environmental groups.

Hyperactivity Drugs Shown Not to Raise Heart Risks in Kids
Children who take medicine for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder aren’t at a higher risk for heart complications, according to a U.S.-funded study that suggests warnings placed on the drugs are unnecessary.

Test Scores Show Modest Gains in Mathematics
Fourth and eighth grade students scored higher in mathematics last spring than anytime since the Nation’s Report Card began measuring their performance decades ago, data showed Tuesday.

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