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4 Questions That Can Get You a Free Breast Pump

Friday, July 25th, 2014

* Guest-edited by Amanda Cole, owner of Yummy Mummy 

We’ve all heard the phrase “ask and you shall receive.” When you’re pregnant you’re going to be asking about (and receiving) tips on strollers, car seats, baby monitors and more. While you’re at it, ask the right questions and you could maybe receive a free breast pump.

The Affordable Care Act requires most health insurance plans to cover women’s preventative services, including breast pumps, oftentimes with no cost to the mother. But coverage varies widely, not only from one insurance carrier to the next, but also from one plan to the next. So you have to ask the right questions to find out what you are entitled to.

1. Does your plan cover breast pumps?

Although the Affordable Care Act requires most insurance plans to cover breast pumps, a few plans have been “grandfathered in,” so the first thing to do is make sure your plan covers breast pumps. And despite some rumors out there, the breast pumps you receive through insurance are the same exact breast pumps you would buy at any retail store. They might not have all the fancy extras like tote bags and coolers, but the motor and mechanics are 100% identical. And there is no need to purchase additional accessories to start pumping! Just buy them later if you decide you need them.

2. What types of pumps are covered by your plan?

Some plans offer a double-electric breast pump, others offer only a manual pump, and some plans give members a choice. Some plans also allow you to rent a hospital-grade pump, but most often you or your baby must have a medical condition (such as a cleft palette) as well as a prescription in order to obtain a hospital-grade breast pump. Which leads us to question #3…

3. Do you need a prescription?

Some plans require your doctor to send in a prescription for any type of pump, so ask early to avoid delays later!

4. How and when do I get my pump?

For the most part, your insurance carrier will not let you go to just any store (or web site) to purchase your pump. They will require that you obtain your breast pump from an in-network provider. I am the founder and owner of Yummy Mummy, the largest Durable Medical Equipment supplier in the country specializing in breast pumps, so we may be in your network (we work with more than 25 insurance plans).

Your pump provider should ideally verify benefits on your behalf, offer you different brands of pumps to choose from, and ship the pump straight to your door. Some insurance plans will let you receive your pump at any point during your pregnancy, while others will only allow the pump to ship one month before your delivery or after you’ve delivered.

If you still have more questions, Yummy Mummy is here to help!

Seeking advice on what type of breast pump you should get or how many you should have? Watch this video introduction!


Choose a Breast Pump
Choose a Breast Pump
Choose a Breast Pump

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Juno Blu Breast Pump Bag Sweepstakes

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

At first glance, I didn’t understand why someone would design a high-end bag for a breast pump. My pump came with a bag, and though it was nothing gorgeous, it was fine. Worrying about a breast-pump bag being too ugly is maybe the very definition of a first-world luxury problem, IMO. 

But in the past few months I’ve talked to a few different pump companies about how the Affordable Care Act impacts their business, because a small piece of that insurance puzzle is that new moms have their breast pumps covered. The way that will work, it seems, is that some pumps will be pared-down and come largely without bags. That makes the cost more reasonable for the insurance companies, and gets women with health insurance a pump that’s paid for.

That will leave those women without a “free” bag for carrying their pump. Still a luxury problem, yes, but in America, we have a solution you can purchase to solve every problem, this one included! Juno Blu is a new line of breast pump bags that seriously look nothing like breast pump bags. They are first and foremost luxe bags, with a pocket for a pump snuck in. When you’re done with pumping, you can still gets years of use out of the bag.

Juno Blu bags cost $185, which does negate the savings you may have received by getting your pump covered by insurance. But the lovely moms behind the company do have their own story of why these bags can help pumping moms feel less self-concious, which I’m always all for. A mom should pump as long as she dang well pleases, and I hate to think that embarrassment would hold anyone back.

Not to get sidetracked, but because I managed to pump for a full year after each of my kids, I always try to help out other moms. Here is our latest American Baby story on pumping-at-work success, and it’s a good one! And here’s a breast pumping made easy video that includes some of my favorite tips.

And to that end, Juno Blu is going to send THREE lucky winners one of their pretty bags. If you win, you get to chose your favorite! And I wish you many months of easy pumping!

To enter, leave a comment below, up to one a day between today and Wednesday, November 20, and don’t forget to read the official rules here. Be sure to check back here on November 21 and scroll to the bottom of the post to see who won. We reach out to winners via Facebook message (it goes into your “other” message folder on Facebook), so if you win, look for us there. Goody luck!

Our winners have been chosen. Congrats to Courtney Kittel, Monica Desiree, and Becky Gian Campeau!

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