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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Report: 1 in 5 U.S. Children at Risk of Hunger
The nonprofit Feeding America, a network of more than 200 food banks around the United States, reports one in five children are at risk of hunger. For children in African-American or Latino households, it’s closer to one in three.

Drugs Used for Psychotics Go to Youths in Foster Care
Foster children are being prescribed cocktails of powerful antipsychosis drugs just as frequently as some of the most mentally disabled youngsters on Medicaid, a new study suggests.

20 Students Now Accused in L.I. Case on Cheatings
What began as rumors at a Long Island high school has resulted in charges against 20 students and calls for widespread test reform.

Consumer Group Releases Annual ‘Trouble in Toyland’ Report
Just a few days before Black Friday signals the beginning of holiday shopping fury, the U.S. Public Interest Group has released its 26th annual “Trouble in Toyland” report, alerting consumers to the dangers and toxins that can still be found in children’s toys.

Parents of Flour Tots in Video: That Mess Was Real
“Kids Trash Home With Flour in Minutes” has become a viral sensation, with some two million views on YouTube in less than a week. But the video — showing Vince and Mary Napoli’s 3-year-old and 16-month old boys spreading flour willy-nilly all over the family living room — has elicited cries of hoax.

Doll’s Baby Talk Sounds Like Cursing
Parents question talking “You and Me” toy’s baby babble.

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