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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

CDC: 1 in 88 US Kids Have Autism
A new government report says autism is more common than previously thought, burdening as many as 1 in 88 children.

School Bans Disabled Girl From Using Walker
Kristi Roberts was stunned when school officials insisted that her disabled 5-year-old daughter switch to a wheelchair from the walker she’d been using for the previous two years.

Hepatitis B Program Helps Cut Infant Infections
A program to prevent chronic hepatitis B infection in newborns seems to be working, according to a new study from researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

When Do Babies Stop Being So Darned Cute? Age 4 ½, Scientists Say
The stage between preschool and kindergarten marks the point at which little kids are no longer considered unbearably adorable. Or at least that’s what the research shows.

Women Turn to Social Media for Support After Pregnancy Loss
Webber is one of a growing number of women who share pregnancy news with “their closest 500 friends” on social networks such as Facebook.

High Schools Have Dress Codes for Prom Gowns
Schools from Connecticut to Arizona are responding to risqué prom dresses with elaborate dress codes.

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Daily News Roundup

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupSmile, kids! You’re on calorie camera
Health officials trying to reduce obesity and improve eating habits at five San Antonio elementary schools unveiled a $2 million research project Wednesday that will photograph students’ lunch trays before they sit down to eat and later take a snapshot of the leftovers. A computer program then analyzes the photos to identify every piece of food on the plate — right down to how many ounces are left in that lump of mash potatoes — and calculates the number of calories each student scarfed down. (MSNBC)

School Bans Same-Sex Couples from Prom
A Long Island high school will not allow same-sex couples at its senior prom next month, according to school officials. St. Anthony’s high school in South Huntington is a co-ed, Roman Catholic institution of about 2,500 students. One of those students, Angelina Lange, 17, of Bay Shore, requested permission to bring a former girlfriend as her date to the prom. School officials turned her down. “We thought it would send a mixed message to OK her request,” said school principal and Franciscan, Brother Gary. “Our Catholic faith specifies that marriage involves a man and a woman and our policies on dating must reflect that,” he added. (MSNBC)

Scientists find MRSA germ in supermarket meats
MRSA, a bacteria resistant to common antibiotics, has been discovered in supermarket meats, and the germ is apparently being introduced by human food handlers, a new study reports. Although thorough cooking will kill the bacteria, consumers run the risk of infection if they handle meats contaminated with the germ, researchers said. (USA Today)


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Daily News Roundup

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupToddler Landon Schultz Eats Only 5 Foods or Goes Into Shock
Fallon Schultz, a 28-year-old clinical social worker from Howell, N.J., has known since her son Landon was two weeks old that something was wrong. He had horrible eczema and would scream day and night, projectile vomiting after feeding as if he were allergic to her own breast milk. [ABC News]

Bullying Issue Reaches White House Stage
In the wake of increased national attention to the problem of bullying President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are hosting the first ever White House conference on the issue Thursday. [Field Notes-MSNBC]

European Cereal Boxes Linked to Cancer Not a Danger for U.S. Consumers
A few of the brands implicated in the new study, which was conducted by toxicologists in Switzerland, also sell in the United States. This raises an urgent question: Could cereal boxes give you or your children cancer? [Yahoo News]

Happiest in Hawaii: Aloha State Tops Well-Being List
Sun and waves might be good for the soul, according to a new national survey naming Hawaii as tops in well-being among U.S. states — but the sunshine doesn’t necessarily elbow out Northern Lights and snow, as Alaska also made the top 10 happiest states list. [Yahoo News]

Pretty In Pink: ‘Mom Prom’ High School Fashions Extravaganza Benefits Charity
Forget fashion week. The coolest catwalk may not be in Paris or Milan. In Canton, Mich., women were strutting their stuff from the best of Mom Prom 2011, sashaying down aisle in their prom best. [ABC News]

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