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Moms Post Pregnancy Test Results on YouTube

Monday, March 14th, 2011

signs of pregnancyYou think you may be pregnant. So when you head to the bathroom to pee on a stick, do you grab your video camera? More and more moms are filming their intimate pregnancy test moments and posting them on YouTube for any stranger that stumbles across their “OMG I’m pregnant” moment to watch.

Just search YouTube for “pregnancy test results” and you’ll find plenty of plus signs and joyful crying for your viewing pleasure. Slate coined these videos the WombTube and selected five of their favorites to share that range from wacky to “why do I want to watch this?” to sweet.

Most of the pregnancy test takers post their videos long before the three-month mark — the time many experts agree is safe to share the news because the risk of miscarriage has declined significantly — and some even broadcast their results live! Many of the women have also been struggling with trying to conceive, and are now vlogging their tests online for all to see, hopefully garnering support.

Sure, breaking the news via your baby’s first ultrasound pic on Facebook is cute, but do you really need to broadcast the personal moment of a pregnancy test to the world?

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