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What to Take for Pregnancy Pains

Wednesday, May 7th, 2014

* By Sarah Lyon and Jessica Hartshorn

We hear from pregnant moms that when they walk into a drugstore, they’re not sure what’s safe and what’s not.

Obviously the number-one rule is to call your obstetrician’s office and get their okay before taking anything, even your regular pain medication. They’re going to know the latest recommendations, and be more reliable than any website. (Even ours!)

Another tip is to look for brands that cater specifically to pregnant women. Healthy Mama, for instance, is a line of seven FDA-approved products that address ailments including heartburn, aches and pains, and constipation, all deemed A-OK for pregnant and nursing women. “We put all the safest remedies under one brand umbrella, and they’re the safest solutions with the right formulations and dosages,” Healthy Mama founder Rachel Katz-Gallat said. Their most popular product is the “Boost-It-Up” caffeine-free energy drink (Olivia Wilde is a fan!), which also works to reduce morning sickness.

Earth Mama Angel Baby is mainly a line of pregnancy and postpartum skincare, but they also have teas for nausea and heartburn, and lots of advice on herbal remedies for problems such as swollen feet or a painful bottom (carrying a baby puts a lot of extra pressure there!).

In order to find some of these pregnancy-specific brands, you may want to look at a Whole Foods store or a Vitamin Shoppe, someplace where there are trained salespeople who can guide you. A salesperson can’t take the place of your doctor, but can give you suggestions that you can go back to your doctor and ask about. Their lines tend to be more natural, and also more focused; we found an entire “Mother & Children’s Health” section at a Vitamin Shoppe, which is not something you’re likely to find in your typical broad drugstore.

That said, if your local drugstore is all you have the time and energy for, the pharmacist on duty can be a good source of information as well. Feel better soon!

Over-the-Counter Medications During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Over-the-Counter Medications During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?
Over-the-Counter Medications During Pregnancy: Safe or Not?

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Got “Pregnancy Feet?” Time To Hit The Mall!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

pregnancy feet can mean shoe shopping funLet’s face it—pregnancy super sizes your whole body. Even if you stay fit and healthy, you’ll have a pregnancy bump, and almost definitely a pregnancy bum and pregnancy boobs to complete the look. But the one upsizing that many moms-to-be don’t expect is pregnancy feet.

A recent study by the University of Iowa confirmed that up to 70 percent of women will see their feet grow by up to half an inch in length during pregnancy. That’s a whole different shoe size, ladies! And although I’ve heard that a lot of moms’ feet eventually shrink back down to their pre-pregnancy size, the researchers in this study are saying that for many mothers, the growth is permanent.

I know, I know. I can already hear you guys groaning over never again being able to fit into those gorgeous strappy wedges you saved for (and only wore twice), but we all know there’s an obvious upside to having pregnancy feet. This is a bonafide, no-excuses-necessary pass to go shoe shopping to your heart’s content. You’ll need flats, sandals, boots, heels–heck, maybe even new bedroom slippers! I mean, you? Barefoot and pregnant? No stinkin’ way.

Honestly, pregnancy feet might just be the best thing to happen during pregnancy besides, well, having a baby!

Do you (or did you) have pregnancy feet? How much did your feet grow? Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Image of women with pregnancy feet via Shutterstock.

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