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What To Buy the Person Who Has Everything

Monday, December 12th, 2011

How about a blanket made for up to 8 adults or 16 children?

Or a motorized, self-propelling rolling pin?

Or a device that will pet your pets for you, so you don’t have to?

These are some of the hilarious–and FAKE–products “sold” by Prank Pack, a company that makes boxes for nonexistent and ludicrous items. The idea is that you buy the box, put your real gift inside, and then sit back and watch the recipient squirm as she feigns enthusiasm for her “present.”

I attended a White Elephant party over the weekend. Maybe you know them as a Yankee Swap. Basically, you bring a gag gift or a crappy present that has a non-crappy element–maybe a hokey coffee mug with a Starbucks gift card inside. Everyone takes a number and selects a present, but once you choose your gift, it can be “stolen” by someone else (and likewise, you can steal it back, or take someone else’s or a new one altogether). Anyway, I brought the same tacky purse I received at this party the year before, but this time with Dunkin Donuts gift card inside. I packed it in a gift box for a “Family Blankeez,” a Snuggie-style blanket designed to cover an entire group of people, and I was practically beside myself with giddiness as I waited for someone to select my present. When my friend opened it, she thought the blanket was real, just as the creators predicted. She help up the box while everyone laughed at the idea and cracked up at the photos showing people using it in various scenarios such as at a tailgate (“For the big game!”) and at a clothesline (“Couples laundry!”). Meanwhile, I was shouting above the noise, “But it’s fake! It’s not real! It’s not really a blanket! It’s just a joke!” Everyone stopped to process this, and the fascination began anew as the box was passed around the room all over again.

If you’re looking to make a splash with your present–perhaps for all the wrong reasons–then a Prank Pack is for you (they’re $8 each, or 3 for $20, with a $5 shipping fee). At the very least, take a few minutes to check out their site and be sure to look at the photos of the boxes’ details. I guarantee you’ll laugh.


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