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2012 CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year Contest

Friday, April 13th, 2012

It’s time to get your kids off the computers, Wiis, and cell phones and outside kicking soccer balls, swinging, and playing tag. Good old-fashioned outside play needs to make a comeback. On average, kids have eight hours less of outdoor playtime than their parents did. The folks behind CLIF Kid recognize the importance of outdoor play and are doing their part to help with their 2012 CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year program. “This contest tapped into something that kids need, which is inspiration to get outdoors,” said Jennifer Yun, CLIF Kid brand strategist.

Kids ages 6 to 12 are challenged to create a unique backyard game for the chance to win big. Six finalists will be flown to San Francisco in July 2012 to show off their new games with one being chosen for the grand prize: a $10,000 educational scholarship, Marin Bike’s kid’s bike, and a Bell kid’s bike helmet. The other five finalists will each receive a $1,000 educational scholarship along with the bike and helmet.

Here are the ground rules and instructions for entering: Each game must be able to be played outside with two or more players. Bonus points for game creators who use equipment such as balls, hula-hoops, and chairs. Some past game innovations include Hoop Ball, a rolling-target game; and Eagle’s Nest, a strategic tag game. “The contest focuses on not just getting the kids outdoors, but the positive benefits of nature long after,” said Richard Louv, best-selling author and Chief Outdoor Officer for the CLIF Kid Backyard Game of the Year. Sign-ups end on June, 17, 2012, so be sure to tell your kiddos about the contest and fill out the application here.

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

F.D.A. Finds Short Supply of Attention Deficit Drugs
Medicines to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are in such short supply that hundreds of patients complain daily to the Food and Drug Administration that they are unable to find a pharmacy with enough pills to fill their prescriptions.

Teachers Resist High-Tech Push in Idaho Schools
Teachers in Idaho and elsewhere have been in revolt over policy makers thrusting technology into classrooms and shifting money to unproven teaching methods.

Ads Featuring Overweight Children Make Some Experts Uncomfortable
Heavy children talk about their obesity in a series of ads that have experts debating whether aggressive public health campaigns are educational or exploitative.

Playtime for Preschoolers Essential, Study Says
Preschoolers in child care centers aren’t spending enough time playing outdoors and just being kids, according to a new study published in this week’s Pediatrics journal.

Stores Restock Baby Formula After FDA Clears Safety
Walgreen Co. and Supervalu Inc. said they are in the process of restocking a batch of powdered infant formula that U.S. regulators last week declared to be safe and clear of the bacteria linked to the death of one baby and illness of two others.

Toddler Naps Aid Emotional Control
It may be more important to put a child down for a nap than you know. In additional to giving the parent or caregiver a brief respite, a new study suggests daytime naps reduce the risk of mood-related problems later in life.

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