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Michelle Pfeiffer Talks Adoption, Parenting, and Dealing With an Empty Nest

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Michelle Pfeiffer

Is it just us, or have celebrity parents seemed less relatable than ever recently? We’re not talking about multiple nannies and lavish nurseries — that’s to be expected at this point. But saving Baby’s umbilical cord? Pre-chewing his food?

Maybe that’s why it was so refreshing to read actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s recent interview with When asked about the difficulty of parenting versus acting, Pfeiffer said:

“Being a parent is the hardest thing in the world. Sometimes I feel like I have to go back to work to get some rest, and we work a minimum 12-hour day making a movie! None of that is nearly as exhausting as parenthood—the psychological toll it takes on you because these lives are in your hands. I take it very seriously. Just when you think you’ve got your kids figured out, they change on you.”

A celebrity who admits that parenting is difficult? What a nice change of pace. Read what else Pfeiffer said about motherhood, including her decision to adopt her daughter as a single mom, in her full interview.

Image: Michelle Pfeiffer via Helga Esteb/
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Matt Damon Talks Fatherhood

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Matt DamonWait! Before you toss your Sunday newspaper, check out Parade magazine‘s interview with Academy Award-winning actor, screenwriter, and father of four, Matt Damon.

In the interview, Damon talks about how he is able to maintain a low-key lifestyle despite his fame. Once named People‘s sexiest man alive, Damon now says “I try to stay away from the beefcake shots.”

Shirtless roles might be out for the actor, but we can’t begrudge him; Damon’s busy with his biggest role yet: fatherhood. He has three daughters with wife Luciana and one stepdaughter, 13-year-old Alexia. Damon told Parade:

“I jumped into the deep end with Lucy. I mean, Alexia was already 4. I was an extra dad…The only way I can describe it – it sounds stupid, but – at the end of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, you know how his heart grows, like, five times its size? Everything is full; it’s just full all the time.”

Read more from the interview on Parade‘s website or in this week’s print edition.

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