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Parents Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Seeking Signs of SIDS Risks in the Womb
Subtle abnormalities in the placentas of pregnant women may predispose newborns to an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome, according to a study in Early Human Development. (via Wall Street Journal)

Ovarian Cancer Screenings Are Not Effective, Panel Says
Tests commonly recommended to screen healthy women for ovarian cancer do more harm than good and should not be performed, a panel of medical experts said on Monday. (via New York Times)

Eye-Surgery Benefit Linked to Gender
Motor-vehicle accidents involving men decreased by 15.3% in the 12 months following cataract surgery but the frequency of postoperative crashes didn’t change significantly for women, according to a study in Clinical & Experimental Ophthalmology. (via Wall Street Journal)

Siblings Among First Cured of ‘Bubble Boy Disease’
Brother and sister Colton and Abbygail Ainslie are among three children successfully treated for their immune deficiency during an experiment detailed in Tuesday’s issue of the journal Blood. (via Today)

New Breed of Robotics Aims to Help People Walk Again
Ekso Bionics is one of several companies and research labs that are working on wearable robots made to help disabled people or to make the human body superhuman. (via The New York Times)

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