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Here’s What You Had to Say on…IVF

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

After learning about Robert Edward’s Nobel Prize win for his contributions to IVF and, at the same time, Dr. Michael Kamrava’s legal troubles for possible negligence in his practice of the procedure – we just had to know: Where do you stand on IVF?

The question sparked a lively debate among our commenters. Many of you agreed that it was a wonderful tool to help with infertility, while others found it unethical, and some stayed on the fence. Check out a sample below, and then take our poll and leave a comment to tell us where you stand!

  • “I think IVF is an awesomely, wonderful tool for couples who want to have a child. I was unfortunately diagnosed as menopausal at age 27 and with the help of egg donation (from my sister) and after 4 attempts at IVF, we were finally blessed this fall with our daughter, Grace. She is the love of our lives…” – Amanda Kendzierski
  • “…It only increases the chances of complications. I agree that the doctors need to have consequences. They are either endangering the patients health or help the fraud (giving birth to multiple kids to get welfare money). In either way it’s wrong and should be punishable. ..” –Alexandra
  • “IVF can be a wonderful tool, but I think it can be too tempting to play God. One must be very careful when considering how far they’d go for a child “of their own” (meaning one they’ve carried in their own womb). I do not think insurance companies should pay for IVF… if couples can fund the procedure, great. If not, adoption should be the route they take. Saving a child and giving them a good home and life is worth every bit as much as a medical procedure!” – Tricia Cooper
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