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A Super Safe Helmet

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

My 6-year-old has been sporting the same cheapo Disney Princess bike helmet since she was 4. Julia’s never fallen on her head, thank God, but you wouldn’t know that by the state of her helmet. This is because she always seems to drop it on the street, throw it in the driveway, bounce it down our front steps, and just generally abuse it. And I’ve been meaning to replace it, so I was psyched when I was offered the chance to have her try out a helmet from Nutcase Helmets. It’s ideal for bicycling, scooting, in-line skating, and skateboarding. (Nutcase also makes different helmets for snow activities, motor sports, and boating and water sports.) I can tell you right now that I already feel way more confident about this helmet than the one she’s been wearing. Fit is a big deal with Nutcase, and to that end they provide foam strips that you attach to the inside of the helmet with Velcro, to make sure your child doesn’t have too much room in there. Then there’s a dial in the back to tighten it even further. Julia loves the fact that the chinstrap closes easily with a magnetic buckle. (Of course she would–her parents have only clipped the skin on her neck about a dozen times!) And I admit to being happy with the mere appearance of the helmet. The designs you can choose from are very cool, which makes sense considering that Nutcase is founded by a former creative director for Nike.

So I was convinced of its ease and fit (and coolness). Then I turned on the local news the other morning and saw the story of a 3-year-old boy in NYC who was hit by a cab last week at a notoriously dangerous intersection. His father said that “this would be a terrible tragedy” had he not been wearing his helmet.  I couldn’t help but notice it was a Nutcase helmet.




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