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Plush Pillows for Baby’s Pad

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Okay, we admit it–these pillows are really more for your benefit, Mom. After all, you’ll be the one rocking and nursing Baby at all hours of the night, so you’re going to want to keep your back comfy while you’re at it! Plus, pillows should never go in Baby’s crib–this is a major safety hazard. But as your cutie grows into a toddler, an accent pillow can make its way from the rocking chair to your kiddo’s bed, adding a bit of color and personality to her room (and serving as a cute reminder of those baby days). Click the images below to shop some of our favorites!

This watercolor pillow may just in fact resemble some of Baby’s first paintings! We love the bright colors and playful feel. It would look excellent sitting on a plain-colored comforter. ($55, Furbish Studio).

Your little adventure will love gazing at the bright colors and shapes on this pillow. ($30, Kohl’s)

Creative spelling aside, we love this pillow’s cheerful message! It would make a nice statement (literally and figuratively) when placed on a white chair or bedspread. The pillow also comes in white, if you want to go the opposite route! ($45, Lulu and Georgia)

This friendly elephant couldn’t be cuter! It’s the perfect addition to a future animal lover’s abode. ($25, Target)

Got twins? This fun matching set of pillowcases is great for a pair of two! They may even begin to dream in French. ($34 for the pair, Urban Outfitters)


Inspired to spruce up your little one’s room? Check out this modern nursery!

Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery
Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery
Nursery Ideas: Design a Modern Nursery

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How to Decorate the BEST Nursery

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Cribs, rompers, and blankies, oh my! When it comes to furnishing the perfect room for Baby, sometimes there’s just too much décor. Take it from the lifestyle department at American Baby; we conceive a new nursery theme each month for our “Nesting” page.

So how do we manage to scout a set of items that mesh? You’d be surprised where we find inspiration.

1. It’s not about matching.
Yes, ideally you want your nursery to flow well. But that doesn’t mean it has to match to the point where all creativity is drained. The best ideas come when you make unexpected choices, like using a spotted orange crib sheet to mimic bedrock pebbles for a dinosaur theme. Definitely beats the traditional creature-filled bedding.

2. It can start with one product.
Despite how put together our layouts seem, it doesn’t take long to develop a theme. It can be sparked by anything really at a moment’s notice. When we came across this brigade of dolls, they inspired a Japanese-centered nursery that would go on to include florals and the cutest wrap dress for November–subscribers look out for your issue soon!



3. Practicality outweighs design.
Don’t just choose décor because it looks nice. Think about longevity and the drain on your wallet, too. A $300 diaper pail may match your coveted color scheme, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth it in the long run. Be sure to research multiple sources and consider timeless pieces that will last beyond your child’s early years, like cool mirrors or sophisticated lamp bases.

Before you know it, you’ll want to sleep in Baby’s room instead of your own!

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Rosie to the Rescue: A Nursery Fit for a Prince!

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Now that the royal baby, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge, is here, our curiosity is certainly not satiated. What type of parents will Prince William and Duchess Kate be? When will George’s mum resume official duties? Who will be the royal nanny?

And of course: What will the nursery look like?

I’m not sure when or whether we will ever get a glimpse into the royal nursery, but we can take some pretty good guesses about what it will look like, and how it might inspire the future nurseries of those wanting a royal theme. Not one adorned with crown motifs and royal crests, but a nursery in the classic, understated, elegant and always traditional style of Kate and William.

Royal nurseries of old, like one inhabited by Victoria’s children, were quiet, unimaginative, and resembled just another room in the palace, except with a crib and maybe a rocking horse. (This pretty much sums up the involvement of previous monarchs in their children’s young lives.) Others were sparse and a far cry from today’s baby-centric and baby-safe nurseries. The pictures we see of Prince Charles in his crib would certainly be frowned upon by today’s safety standards. And there was little thought of stimulating the baby growing in this formal and stiff room, nor of the comfort of his or her mother. So what can we surmise the prince’s nursery might look like for today’s royal family?

We know Kate was antiquing like crazy in the days towards the end of her pregnancy, and her dedication to high-low shopping is a philosophy I’m positive will carry over into baby-gear  shopping. So I imagine there will be both precious gems and sustainable bargains mixed together in an understated but elegant room, reflecting their mission all along to put baby first.

So what will be in the nursery?

It’s traditional to see rocking horses and handmade doll houses in nurseries, despite the nursery’s occupant not being able to ride or play with either for some time.

Dragons of Walton Street has famously made cribs and nursery furniture painted with Beatrix Potter characters like Peter Rabbit and other traditional baby designs. Princess Diana used them to furnish William’s nursery, and many celebrities from Madonna to Gwenyth Paltrow are fans of the brand. It is possible that Kate will make some kind of nod to Princess Diana’s taste with some nostalgic furniture for William.

Kate may adorn the chairs with blankets hand knitted in Welsh wool as another subtle nod to Diana, Princess of Wales. Perhaps we’ll see a glimpse of the Welsh blankets on a stroll through Hyde Park with one of Kate’s lavish strollers!

While Kate has been said to have bought a blue Bugaboo, royals before her used the Silver Cross traditional prams for baby’s transport—perhaps she’ll have both. And Silver Cross recently collaborated with Aston Martin for a state-of-the-art stroller fit for a prince!

One of the cutest decor suggestions I’ve heard: a mobile replica of Prince William’s helicopter to keep the baby occupied while his diaper is being changed!

When it comes to fashion, again Kate will almost certainly adopt her high-low strategy that has made her aspirational yet so relatable to her loyal following. While Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen may be rumored to be making a christening gown, possibly with a Philip Treacy bonnet and Church’s royal-crest-embroidered slippers. Maybe a touch of Marie-Chantal, BonPoint and Jacadi will also adorn the Prince’s wardrobe, but I also expect to see labels like H&M and Zara and other high street brands.

All in all, both in wardrobe and interior design this baby will almost certainly be sure to have a healthy marriage between the traditional and the new and updated, which so aptly reflects these royal parents.

Celebrate the arrival of the royal baby with a look back at Kate’s pregnancy, marriage, and more!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Lajobi Crib Worth $500!

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Can I tell you how many cribs we build here at American Baby? About a dozen a year, sometimes more…enough that we know a sturdy crib when we see one. Bonavita Lifetyle Cribs go in the “built to last” category. They are cribs that convert to a toddler bed, and then to a headboard and footboard for a fullsize bed, so though they cost a bit more, they’re made to last for all of childhood. 

There’s another reason I like cribs that grow with your kid…you’re not tempted to try and make a crib work for new baby siblings. You introduce safety hazards every time you take a crib apart and then rebuild it for another newborn, because you risk screws growing loose or going missing. Keeping a piece of furniture with one child, turning it into a toddler bed and then fullsize bed, eliminates those problems. I am something of a safe-sleep evangelist, so here’s a link with more on making your crib safe

In time for what may be your first Mother’s Day, Lajobi, the parent company behind Bonavita, will give you the opportunity to win their “Sawyer” Lifestyle Crib, in Linen Gray. The crib only comes out in June 2013, and will be sold exclusively at Buy Buy Baby for $500. To be eligible to win, leave a comment below, up to one a day between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, May 15. We’ll randomly chose one winner after that. Click here to view the official rules. Goody luck!

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American Baby Bests: Vote for Cribs and Sheets!

Monday, March 4th, 2013

The centerpiece of every nursery is the crib. Do you have one that you love? What about a brand of cute crib sheets? Vote for your favorites, then leave a comment below. In your comment you can tell us which exact crib (including color!) and sheet (including pattern!) wins your approval. We’ll pick one random commenter to win the newest version of the Bumbo seat, worth $40. Here are the rules for winning the Bumbo seat. (Note that you can only leave one comment per day to be eligible, between now and the end of March). Don’t forget to also register to win our $250 gift card. Thanks, designing Mama!

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American Baby Nesting: Congratz to the Novogratz

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Back in May we had the pleasure of working with Robert and Cortney Novogratz as guest editors on American Baby’s nursery-design page. Their key piece was a fantastic wool rug that spells out “Family.” This fall that rug has been the star of a Novogratz collection for CB2, so congratulations, guys! If you haven’t heard of them, the couple star in Home by Novogratz on HGTV and 9 By Design on Bravo. They’ve got seven kids, ages 3 to 15, so it was easy to trust their opinions when it came to nursery design.

We also like that their aesthetic is very modern and urban, but they have a house in the country and the influence of that sneaks in as well. We went around and around on a headline that might pin down their style, and settled on Urban Boho. I’m still not sure that really captures their spirit. They’re the kind of designers you can’t describe in just a few words. 

If there’s a nursery theme or inspiration that you’re thinking of, let us know. Right now we’re getting carried away with a Parisian theme for a future issue. And daydreaming that maybe we can fly to Paris for inspiration. Since that’s not actually going to happen, we’re instead looking at these cool Novogratz chairs. They’re kind of Parisian, no? Don’t you think I need to make a quick trip to the City of Light to make sure?! 

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win A Serenity Star Nightlight/Feeding Tracker

Friday, July 6th, 2012

You probably know Aden + Anais from the muslin swaddle blankets that are so very popular. They’re ubiquitous with “regular parents” but it also seems as if every time we interview a celebrity and ask them what products they can’t live without, they mention Aden + Anais swaddles. I guess famous people, aside from using the blankets to swaddle their baby to sleep and catch baby drool, can use them to shield their baby from photographers!

Well, Aden + Anais is branching out. First I have to mention that they have a yummy new line of crib sheets that are the same soft muslin as their blankets. We haven’t yet had one match up with one of the nursery pages we do in American Baby magazine, but I want it on record that I love them, even if they haven’t made it to our pages yet.  They’re also now doing phthalate-free, paraben-free baby skin care products, which I’m using at home on my kids and which are slated to pop up in our September issue. It’s good (and very gentle) stuff.

And finally I want to introduce another new Aden + Anais star, specifically, the Serenity Star. The founder of Aden + Anais is one of my heros, because she balances her business with charity and with raising four lovely girls. (All in Brooklyn, where balancing anything is no joke, and I can say that because I live there too!) One of her parenting hurdles was tracking feedings in an easy way, while also keeping older siblings sleeping soundly. She conceived of a nightlight that could be a soothing thing in kid’s room, which also tells the time, temperature, and lets you log feedings digitally. Oh, it works as a sound machine too! (A more graceful one than the big fan we run in our place to drown out random city noises.) 

Plus the fact that it can light up a soft red, white or blue seems very appropriate for this time of year! Want one? I’ve got one here, and Aden + Anais are willing to give out two more, which means three of you can win a Serenity Star to make life for you and your baby a little easier. It’s a $89.95 product, and if you’re not lucky enough to win one, you can buy one here. To win, just leave a comment below. You can post a comment once a day, through the end of Wednesday, July 11th. Click here for the official rules. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win $10,000 for Baby’s room from!

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Talk about Baby Booty! Our most amazing sweepstakes of the year actually ends this Friday. reached out to us to offer one incredibly lucky person a $10,000 giftcard to their site. The winner will also get a one-hour phone consultation with one of the PoshTots designers, so you can hash out, say, the merits of a safari theme over a nautical theme, or whether you want an heirloom-style iron crib or a more modern, sustainable-wood version. (That’s one of their pretty iron cribs on the right, it starred in our June issue!)

Wouldn’t you love to go all crazy and make your kid’s room incredible? Enter right here. The official rules are here. It’s a pleasure to give someone such a grand prize; whoever wins, I hope they share with us what they do with their loot! I’m not allowed to enter, of course, but since I can dream away, I have to say I would take out the IKEA loft bed I bought my daughter (great bed, but a mistake for her tiny room) and get her a daybed instead. And then we’d still have thousands more to spend! What would you spend your $10,000 on at Leave a comment, but don’t forget to enter the contest!!! Goody luck!

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