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Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ 110th Birthday with Some Quirky Decor

Friday, February 28th, 2014

It’s been 24 years since Dr. Seuss‘ last book was published, but the beloved author’s imaginative worlds continue to stick in the minds of readers, from nostalgic parents to a new generation of kids growing up with his stories. This coming Sunday, March 2, will mark his 110th birthday. To celebrate, we scouted some decor that can Seussify your child’s room or nursery.

One of my favorite things about The Lorax is that it’s not just a feel-good book; it also has a really important environmental message. This LumiSource Medusa floor lamp ($127) sold at Wayfair reminds me a lot of the sprouting fuzzy heads of the tale’s Trufulla trees, which the main character learns to appreciate after tearing most of them down and seeing the destruction first-hand.

Fish also prove to be recurring characters in Dr. Suess’ books, including One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and even The Cat in the Hat. This Fishbowl Pendulum Clock ($44) from Uncommon Goods speaks to the type of fun animals you’ll find mixed throughout his stories.

Speaking of The Cat in the Hat, there’s no better way to show your Dr. Suess fandom than by designing around a color scheme of red, white and black. We love this striped pillow ($29) from Zazzle because it mimics the cat’s famous headwear, and the touch of black alludes to the feline himself.

Dr. Suess’ last published book Oh the Places You’ll Go became a popular tale for its focus on exploring the world and encouraging kids’ self-discovery. The character travels from place to place via air balloon, so a mobile ($50) from MoMA with tiny versions of the flying machine will spark your tot’s sense of adventure, too.

Through his writing, the author made a real effort to encourage kids’ creativity and individuality, so there’s no better way to celebrate Sunday than by putting your imagination to the test. Happy Birthday Dr. Suess!

Shop for The Lorax kid-room decor in our own Parents Shop!

Or if One Fish Two Fish decor is more your speed, there’s lots of cuteness and colorfulness around that!

Finally, see what we’ve got in The Cat in the Hat decor.

And make a fun cardboard fish toy with your kid this weekend!

Make it: Cardboard Fish Toy
Make it: Cardboard Fish Toy
Make it: Cardboard Fish Toy

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Orange is the New Neutral

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

How about some word association? I say “gender neutral” you say? Green? Yellow? Wrong.

Welcome to the world of orange nurseries. This fun hue is taking over the baby’s room left and right, and it’s easier to work with than moms may think.

You’ll be surprised when you find how versatile orange can be when paired with your existing nursery furniture. Using a subtle pastel shade of orange on your baby’s wall (think: sherbet) and mixing in some fresh white linens and soft green or blue accents will create a fun, funky look for your little one’s first room. If you’re looking for less “fresh” and more “vibrant,” try a brighter orange accent wall and add in your own flair, like blue baby bedding or a cool rug.

Not feeling the look on your walls? No worries. Try starting off with white or light neutral walls, and work your way into this trend with accents such as bedding, a rocker for mom, or any of your other nursery essentials.

Image: Wide shoot of a mother and child in a well designed small but comfortable baby room via Shutterstock.

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Interview: Rachel Zoe’s New Assistant, Jeremiah Brent, Talks Nursery Design

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

“Cuddle Yellow” or “Lemon Gold?”

Not to worry — you won’t have to ask yourself that question again. On behalf of all expectant mothers out there, a new online tool was launched last week to help you complete a nursery without the headache. Fisher-Price and Sherwin-Williams have partnered together, bringing parents the “Room to Bloom” website.

Rachel Zoe, a new mother and well-known celebrity stylist, met with us to explain some highlights of the site. Here’s what we learned: First, you select the furniture collection you would like to work with. Next, a room with undecorated floors and walls appears on your computer screen. Pick colors and patterns from a sidebar, based off of your furniture choices. Once you’ve designed your baby’s new room, print the image or share it on Facebook to show friends. And of course, everything you see is also available in stores, down to the exact paint color.

We caught up with Rachel’s new assistant, Jeremiah, after the demonstration. Hear what he had to say about designing a nursery with Rachel Zoe, and how he went from tinkering with Transformers to appearing on season four of Bravo’s hit series, The Rachel Zoe Project. 

Tell us a little bit about your background. What were you doing before Rachel Zoe’s television show?
Jeremiah Brent: I used to paint… And then I got tired of painting. So I literally went down one weekend to Toys ‘R Us and bought $300 worth of Transformer toys and taught myself how to build furniture from them.

Whoa… I’ve worked with some toys for the magazine and those are really difficult!
JB: I know but they’re great because it taught me how things move and how they fit together, how they collapsed. So it started as a hobby and became a design business. What that transitioned into was working with actual interiors. I did a ton of houses, and I had that (job) for years. And then this opportunity with Rachel came up, and I was like “Well, how can I say no.”

So Rachel told us her favorite collection on Room to Bloom was the “SnuggaBunny.” Do you want to tell us what your favorite is?
JB: I actually love that one, and I love “Coco Sorbet.” It’s really beautiful. I think gender neutrality with all of these, and especially with those two, is really big. I’m not a huge fan of crazy colors; it’s just the way I am. And it’s easy for those parents who are expecting, but they don’t know what.


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