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Enter the American Baby Cover Contest!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Think your little one is model material?

American Baby is partnering with NUK this year for its annual cover contest! Capture your baby (newborn to 12 months) in a happy moment with a bright, healthy smile and you could be one of five finalists to win $1,000, a NUK gift basket, and an all-expenses paid trip to New York City for an exclusive photo shoot.

The Grand Prize winner will appear on the cover of the April 2013 issue. Check out the cutie who won last year’s contest, to the right.

Don’t miss the chance for your baby to be seen by moms across the country: enter the contest via Facebook today!

The contest entry period ends at 11:59 PM C.T. on November 10, 2012.

Read the official contest rules here.

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Bundle of NUK!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

My kids were both heavy pacifier users. They each stuffed those things in their mouth right through their third birthday. My mom gave me some grief about it, because from what she understood, the pacifiers were going to mess up their teeth. I will admit, Gracie has epically wrong teeth, but not because of her pacifier…some of her teeth are just not coming in, and two of them have grown together. She is an orthodontist’s dream. Joe’s teeth are fine though. So I shrug at the angst about pacifiers. As I see it, they soothed my kids a lot, and they’re even touted by the American Academy of Pediatrics as one way to help prevent SIDS.

If someone asks about orthodontically correct pacifiers, I point them toward the NUK line. In addition to being the bestselling pacifiers in the country, they seem to be the most vigilant about promoting pacifiers that don’t press against a baby’s palate. I’ve met with the company’s experts and heard their description of how the nipples mimic the real thing, and how they’re all built so that Baby can still move his tongue. They take that stuff super seriously. Though as far as I’m concerned, that’s all just gravy on top of the fact that the pacifiers can actually calm a baby down!

NUK goes beyond pacifiers too…they have bottles and cups and other feeding supplies, and they’re all built with orthodontics in mind. To help them spread the word about their extensive (and incidentally, SO cute!) line, we’re going to give one lucky family a box full of NUK products. Post a comment below, up to one comment a day. Maybe tell me what all of you use to soothe your little one, or what you plan to use. (Because I’m not going to pretend that the pacifier is the only weapon in any parent’s arsenal: Usually you have to do something like sit your infant in a swing, sing at the top of your lungs, and make sure the paci is in her mouth at the same time.) We’ll randomly chose one winner who will get 8 NUK Soft OrthoStar pacifiers, 8 NUK Lollipop Orthodontic pacifiers, 4 NUK Orthodontic 10-ounce bottles, and 4 NUK Babytalk Learner Cups. The total value is worth approximately $85, and the contest is open now through the end of the day on Wednesday, August 1. For official rules, please click here. Goody luck!

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