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These Things Are Almost Not In My Life Anymore

Monday, July 12th, 2010

See that pair of Disney Princess—adorned training pants? I think we might have ordered our last pack. I may very well be jinxing things, but we just had four dry nights in a row in our house, and I’m pretty pumped. My daughter Julia will be 5 next month, and she’s been potty-trained during the day for almost two and a half years. Nighttime has been a completely different story. The child must sleep like a rock, because her diapers are routinely drenched. It got to the point where I was doubling up on them at night. My pediatrician said a 4-year-old who’s not fully trained is normal and nothing to worry about, so I haven’t given this a whole lot of thought. But when the topic came up among a group of moms in Julia’s pre-K class and I learned that nearly every child had moved on to underwear at night, it made me wonder how much longer it would be for my daughter. After three nights of dry training pants, last night we decided to up the ante and live on the edge with undies. I can’t think of a better reason to wake up at 5:20 a.m. than because you hear your child making her way to the bathroom on her own, and heading back into bed!

I’d like to poll you all, too: When was your child trained through the night? And so that I manage my expectations correctly, will you tell me how often you have setbacks?

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