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GoGoNews, Online News Site for Children

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Help your children stay informed in current events by reading age-appropriate, filtered news at, a website that brings “big news to little people” through kid-friendly stories devoid of photos and details meant for older readers.

Golnar Khosrowshahi, a mother raising twin daughters in Canada, created GoGoNews in 2006 as a daily online newsletter for her kids.  Eventually, the kid-friendly newsletter grew in popularity among friends, family, and schools, which lead to the creation of a website that will  be updated every day of the week by editors, with input from teachers, child psychologists, educators, and other advisors.

“We created GoGoNews to inform kids about world events in a safe manner, feeding their young, inquisitive minds with real news, while also protecting them from content that is too sophisticated or beyond their comprehension,” says Khosrowshahi. “With GoGoNews, we are creating the opportunity for children to improve their literacy, gain a new vocabulary and learn about different people, countries, and cultures in a fun and entertaining format.”

Just launched today, the site will cover breaking news, science, art, government, politcs, geography, and more on the homepage.  Five other categories include “Planet” (environment and space news), “Cool” and “Fun” (“on this day” facts and birthdays plus silly jokes), “Picks” (book, toys, and gift recommendations from editors and kids), and “Teach” (guidance for parents and teachers on how to discuss difficult news).  The site also has “GoGoTV” (videos), “GoGoDictionary” (defines vocabularly, and an upcoming “GoGoGallery” of photos.

For a daily email update, parents and kids can also subscribe to the newsletter, GoGo On The Go, on the website.

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