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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

How to negotiate with your kids
Here are some tips to start teaching your kids the fine art of negotiation.

Police: Missing baby, teen sitter found in DC
A 7-month-old Baltimore boy and the 16-year-old girl left in charge of the baby while his father went to the store were found Monday in Washington, more than two days after they disappeared, police said.

Can Technology Prevent the Death of Children Left Behind in Cars?
The Department of Transportation on Tuesday is holding a roundtable to discuss how to prevent the death of children left in hot vehicles. Already, 22 have died of such hyperthermia this year, after last year’s record number of 49.

Police officer catches baby thrown by kidnap suspect
A Chicago police officer was in the right place at the right time early Monday when he caught a baby thrown to him by a kidnapping suspect, according to a report in a local newspaper.

Children send illicit text messages
Children as young as six months are playing with gadgets and youngsters are using their parents’ mobile phones without their knowledge, research has suggested.

Mother-child bond takes stressful toll when kid has ADHD
Ever since the second day her son went to kindergarten, Penny Williams has worried about him. That’s the day Williams, a real estate broker in Asheville, N.C., got her first call from her child’s teacher. Luke wasn’t ready for school, the teacher told Williams. He couldn’t sit still and didn’t want to participate.

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