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Kid Crafts How-To: Paper Apple Garland (from Make and Takes)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

The fabulous kid crafts blogger, Marie LeBaron, recently released her first book, “Make and Takes for Kids: 50 Crafts Throughout the Year.”  We received permission to showcase four crafts from the book on Goodyblog.  Come back each Wednesday (11/16, 11/23, 12/7, 12/14) as we showcase one new craft.  For more ideas from Marie LeBaron, visit her blog


5′ piece of yarn, any color
1 sheet of red craft paper
1 sheet of green craft paper
1 sheet of yellow craft paper
1 sheet of brown craft paper
1 green pipe cleaner
Craft glue or tape


1.  Draw a 4 × 4″ apple shape on your red craft paper. Cut out this apple and use it as a template to cut out 5 more red apples, 6 yellow apples, and 6 green apples (18 total).
2.   With your brown paper, cut out 18 stems, 1 × 3″ in size for each stem. Glue one end to the top of the apple. Fold the brown stem paper into a loop and glue it down on the other side of the apple. Let the glue dry completely.
3.   Thread your yarn through the loop of each apple’s stem. You can add a drop of glue or tape to each stem to keep the apple in place on the yarn. Use the main photo as a guide.
4.   Cut your green pipe cleaner in half to get 2 pieces. Bend and curl each pipe cleaner piece to create 2 green worms, as shown in the main photo. Place a green worm through the brown stem of one of your apples, which will hold the stem in place. Repeat with the second stem.

Reprinted from “Make and Takes for Kids: 50 Crafts Throughout the Year,” with permission from Wiley Publishing. Copyright 2011.

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