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Nancy O’Dell: I Am A Big Believer In Explaining Things To Kids

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

This post was written by our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Entertainment Tonight correspondent Nancy O’Dell has sure been one busy mama! In addition to producing and hosting the HGTV show Celebrities at Home, she is also gearing up to release the Santa’s Big Premiere storybook for her popular Little Ashby: Star Reporter app.

Nancy chats with Celebrity Baby Scoop about how her six-year-old daughter, Ashby, “loves” the app and “thinks it is pretty awesome” that it is named after her. She also reveals that her daughter and stepsons, Tyler and Carson, consider her a “softie” and shares her plans to host the Rose Parade on HGTV New Year’s Day!

CBS: What has the response been to the Little Ashby: Star Reporter app, with a portion donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, so far? Do you have ideas for the next Little Ashby storybook?

NO: “The response to the kids’ educational app has been so exciting. It is a project so dear to me, because it involves kids and teaches them about all kinds of good stuff!  I love hearing from parents who say their children have so much fun with the app and, yet, they are  learning at the same time. I also see how much my daughter loves the interactive app.

Little Ashby: Star Reporter – Santa’s Big Premiere is available again now on iTunes for the upcoming Holiday ( It follows little reporter Ashby, named after my daughter, on her journey to find the real meaning of Christmas. She learns all kinds of facts along the way and a moral lesson at the end. The app has so much for kids to interact with, and they learn so much while having fun! A portion of the app’s proceeds goes to MDA in honor of Goodwill Ambassador, Bryson Foster, who voiced one of the characters for me.”

CBS: What does Ashby think about the app and the fact that it’s named in her honor?

NO: “She loves the app! She plays and plays with it, because the app does all kinds of cool, magical things when you touch the screen of your device. I love when she tells me geographical facts she learned from the story. For example, we were watching Elf (yes, we start watching holiday movies early!) the other day, and all of a sudden she said, ‘Mama, The Northern Lights!’ She was right, because you do see the Northern Lights in Elf. She learned about the Northern Lights from the Little Ashby app, because Ashby the reporter sees them on her way to the North Pole.

She thinks it is pretty awesome that the app is named after her! When I was in the process of writing the story, I asked her what we should name the main character. She said, ‘Well, Ashby, of course!’ That was that.” [laughs]

CBS: Last time we chatted, you told us a bit about Ashby’s emerging independence, is she still asking to “make her own decisions”?

NO: “Yes, she is still telling me that she is six now and, therefore, she can make her own decisions! I try to explain why that is not quite the case yet, but she loves to use the phrases ‘I am a big girl now’ and ‘I’m all grown up.’ My favorite one from the other day is ‘I’m an adult now, mama.’ What?! My baby girl is so cute! Wait a minute, she might be mad I called her my baby girl.” [laughs]

CBS: Tell us a bit about your parenting style.  If we asked your kids what kind of a mom you are, what would they tell us?

NO: “They would tell you I am a ‘softie.’ My daughter totally has the ‘cute kid’ face down pat. Whenever she wants something, she gives me that sweet or sad look and I admit that works on me pretty much every time. My boys also know that when their dad goes out of town, that is the time to ask for things because Nommy (as they call me) is the softie!

I am also a big believer in explaining things to kids and not just saying ‘no’ without an explanation, because I think kids need to understand the reason behind telling them something. For example, my daughter didn’t want to take the time to put on her helmet the other day when riding her scooter. I didn’t just tell her, ‘Well, then NO scooter!’ Instead, I said, ‘Let me explain why I want you to wear your helmet. I love you so much and if you got hurt, it would just crush Mama. We must protect that precious little head of yours.’  To this, she replied, ‘I love you too, Mama’ and immediately put on her helmet.”

CBS: What else is on your plate or up next for you?

NO: “The ‘Little Ashby: Star Reporter -Santa’s Big Premiere’ story comes out as a children’s book this holiday season, so I am very excited about that! The story, which teaches facts and moral lessons, will be available on Amazon. I am so thrilled the story will be available in a whole other medium! I am also going to host the Rose Parade on HGTV New Year’s Day! That is always such a fun event to host and one my family loves to attend! Also, the show Celebrities at Home, which I produce and host, is currently airing on HGTV. If you want to see inside some fabulous celebrity homes, tune in!”

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Star Moms Give Back To School Tips

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

This post was written by our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

It’s time to start thinking about the back to school madness. celeb moms share back to school tips

While this time of year can cause stress and anxiety, Celebrity Baby Scoop reached out to some savvy celebrity moms – and rounded up top brands – to help beat the back to school chaos.

Melissa Joan Hart and husband Mark Wilkerson are parents to three sons: Mason, 7, Brady, 5 and Tucker, 12 months in September.

“I always try to get the boys a new backpack and a new pair of sneakers to get them excited about going back to school,” Melissa says. “We talk for a few weeks leading up to it about the teachers name and who a couple of classmates will be to help ease some of those first day jitters.”

Courtney Lopez and husband, Extra host Mario Lopez are parents to 3-year-old daughter Gia and are currently expecting their second child.

“In order to avoid losing her stuff at school, we label all of Gia’s school supplies and clothes with Mabel’s Labels,” Courtney shares.

TODAY Show anchor, Natalie Morales and her husband Joe Rhodes are parents to sons Josh, 9, and Luke, 5.

“Create a calendar of activities for each kid early on so they can see each day what they have and need,” Natalie shares. “And label everything! I love Mabel’s labels, as they stay on longer than the clothes lasts.”

Entertainment Tonight’s Brooke Anderson and husband Jim Walker are parents to 4-year-old daughter Kate, with another one on-the-way.

Brooke advises to “leave extra time to get ready and out the door in the morning so there’s no added stress of running late.” 

“Your child may already be anxious and dragging her feet a little bit. Rushing her will do nothing to calm the nerves. Make the routine fun and as stress free as possible (for everyone including yourself!).”

“Write a fun, encouraging note for your child and leave in his/her lunch bag,” she adds. “I have found the notes from Little Jots to be cute and easy with included stickers but any old piece of paper will do. My daughter Kate loves to get words of support and love plus a little surprise drawing from me while she’s at preschool.”

The expectant mama went on to share a great time-saving tip. “Pack the backpack and lunch the night before with all the essentials so nothing is forgotten the morning of school,” Brooke says.

Entertainment Tonight’s Nancy O’Dell is stepmom to her husband Keith Zubchevic’s sons, Tyler and Carson. They are also parents to 6-year-old daughter Ashby.

“Make an album with your child,” says Nancy, an avid scrapbooker.

“Over the summer when it gets close to the time for back to school, sit down with your child and make an album or a scrapbook of the previous year in school,” she adds. “It will remind him or her of all the good times they had in school and it will get them excited about going back! It is a great bonding project to do together and you have a wonderful keepsake for the family as a result.”

Nancy goes on to talk about the benefits of enjoying family photos.

“Also bring out some of your family albums to show your child,” Nancy continues. “It will remind them that they are part of a group, that they are members of a strong family, that they belong and it will give them the strength to fall back on if they were to go through anything difficult at school, for example, bullying which is all too prevalent these days.”

“Child psychologists will tell you that seeing family photos, with it being reinforced visually, helps children to know they have this family unit behind them to lean on,” Nancy adds. “I share more of my album ideas at including an Album of Hope which would be another great back to school project with your child.”


What are some of your best back to school tips?

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Nancy O’Dell Releases “Little Ashby: Star Reporter” App for Kids

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Little Ashby Star Reporter - SantaThis time of year can put children’s (and parents’) patience to the test — long trips in the car to visit family, seemingly endless shopping lines. Make the most of the time your kids will spend waiting with a fun new educational app, Little Ashby: Star Reporter.

Created by Parents’ celebrity correspondent and Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O’Dell and developed by StoryChimes, the app is an interactive storybook that allows children to follow TV reporter Ashby (named after Nancy’s daughter) and her crew on exciting assignments.

Ashby’s first job? To interview Santa! Children will love joining Ashby on her journey to the North Pole. Along the way, they’ll learn educational facts, values, and morals that will be reinforced with engaging activities and games.

Little Ashby: Star Reporter – Santa’s Big Premiere is available on Apple devices now for $2.99. A portion of the proceeds for the app will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in honor of Bryson Foster, MDA’s 2012 National Goodwill Ambassador and the voice of Arty, the little cameraman, in the app.

Remember to keep an eye out for more adventures with Ashby and her crew in the new year!

Read more from Nancy O’Dell on

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Friday Night Movies

Friday, August 17th, 2012

This Week’s Big-Screen Goody:

Our celeb correspondent (and Entertainment Tonight cohost) Nancy O’Dell recently had the chance to chat with actress Jennifer Garner. Jennifer’s new Disney movie, The Odd Life Of Timothy Green (Rated PG), is out this weekend, and the star and mom of three was super-psyched to share the modern-day fairy-tale with us. Here’s what she had to say about it:

Are we all going to cry when we see it? Do I need to bring tissues with me?

“I took two mom friends to an early screening before it was done, and they both–even during the happy scenes–cried their heads off. I watched them more than I watched the movie because they were so funny. But in a good way–it made them realize how much they love their kids and their lives. It’s reaffirming. It really is something that everyone who reads Parents magazine should make a point of going to see. If it doesn’t make you cry, call me and I’ll give you a dollar.”


Read more about the movie in the full interview from the September issue by clicking here.


This Week’s DVD Goodies:

Gruffalo: The Gruffalo’s Child

The Original Christmas Classics Sing Along

Peppa Pig: Muddy Puddles

Power Rangers Super Samurai: Super Powered Black Box, Vol.1

Power Rangers Super Samurai: Super Showdown, Vol. 2

Sesame Street: Elmos Alphabet Challenge

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Season 10: The Complete Final Season

Veggie Tales: The Penniless Princess


The Put-Your-Kids-To-Bed-First Pick of the Week:

Community: The Complete Third Season


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Celeb Chat With Nancy O’Dell: Family Vacations

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

When you think of celebrity vacations, exotic resorts and spas may come to mind. But our celeb correspondent Nancy O’Dell found out that many famous parents like to have a low-key summer with the kids. Some of their favorite getaway spots may even be in your neck of the woods. Check out the celebs and their destinations of choice by clicking here for the full story from the July issue of Parents. And don’t forget to catch Nancy weeknights on Entertainment Tonight–or chat with her directly at


Image courtesy of Ulrica Wihlborg

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Nancy O’Dell: Family First

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Parents celeb correspondent Nancy O’Dell recently chatted with a number of A-list moms and dads about a variety of topics. But one thing was clear from all the conversations: Celebrity parents put their fam before glam–just like most of us. Find out what Brad and Angelina, Jennifer Lopez, and others had to say in our June issue (on newsstands now). Or click here to read the full story. Make sure to catch Nancy weeknights at her other gig…cohost of Entertainment Tonight. And follow her on Twitter @NancyOdell or friend her on Facebook.


Image courtesy of Ulrica Wihlborg

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Nancy O’Dell Interviews Ann Romney

Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Nancy O’Dell, our correspondent for all things celeb and cohost of Entertainment Tonight, recently snagged an interview with Ann Romney. She got the Republican front-runner’s wife to open up about raising five sons with Mitt and the now famous “Momgate,” in which a political strategist said that Ann (a stay-at-home mom) had never worked a day in her life. In response to the controversy, Ann tells Nancy that “everyone knows that doing the job of raising kids is one of the hardest jobs we have. And it’s also a job that never ends.” Watch the video clip for yourself by clicking here, and make sure to tune in to the full interview tomorrow on Entertainment Tonight.

What do you think of Momgate? Just another example of playing politics with women’s issues, or a larger issue that merits more discussion in this country? Weigh in now by commenting below. We want to know your thoughts!


Image via Entertainment Tonight

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A Kid-Friendly Recipe…by Kids

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Nancy O’Dell, our entertainment correspondent and cohost of Entertainment Tonight, recently teamed up with the 10-year-old “Twin Chefs” Audrey and Lilly Andrews (Yes, they’re 10! And they cook!) to teach big and little viewers a recipe for sweet Mandarin chicken lettuce cups. If you think it’s difficult to get your picky eater to try new foods–let alone help you cook them–click here to watch this cute video of Nancy and the dynamic kitchen duo for some tips. And visit for more yummy ideas.




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