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Music That Makes Kids Really Happy

Monday, July 18th, 2011


When I had my first daughter, Julia, a friend sent me a personalized CD filled with songs that inserted Julia’s name into them. It was SO BAD. (No offense to my friend; we still laugh about it.) The creators made no effort whatsoever to actually blend the name into the rest of the lyrics. Imagine a woman singing “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear”–and then a man blurting out “JULIA” at a louder volume–and then that same woman wrapping up with “Happy Birthday to you!” All 20+ songs were like that. Listening to that CD was unbearable.

Then, not long after my second daughter Lila was born, I received a CD from Name Your Tune. Same premise. I was very skeptical when I popped it in, but this was a whole new ballgame. The quality was high, the songs were catchy without being annoying, and most importantly, they made my children happy. Julia was fascinated by hearing songs that included her baby sister’s name, and Lila sat quietly whenever we played the CD. It’s been a fixture in our car ever since, and for some reason even my husband and I haven’t tired of the tunes.

Then on Friday, Name Your Tune was nice enough to surprise me with another CD. This time it was personalized for both girls, with the first song incorporating Julia’s name, the second Lila’s, and so on. When my family picked me up at the train that night, I slipped in the CD and watched the girls for their reaction. I wish I had thought to tape it–it was priceless. When the song that for nearly three years featured Lila’s name instead said Julia’s, Julia actually gasped, and Lila silently stared me down. “It just said ‘Julia!’” Julia exclaimed. I explained that I’d just gotten a new CD, and they were entranced for the rest of the ride home.

And all weekend long, any time a song that used to “be” Lila’s used Julia’s name, Julia broke into a huge grin and Lila cracked up. In the grocery store, Lila announced to the man at the deli counter, the produce guy, and the woman who rang us up at the register, “Now it’s ‘Little Julia Had a Farm’!” (which required a bit of explanation from me, but they seemed to share in our excitement).

All of this is to say that if you have a child under age 6, consider this CD. And if you already have it, you might like to know that they’ve recently come out with a second volume with different songs.

Name Your Tune, $20.

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