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Baby Miracles With Hilaria Baldwin: “Birth Was Absolutely Incredible”

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Hilaria Baldwin wife of Alec Baldwin

Interview by Ilyssa Panitz

Hilaria Baldwin would have to agree with the old saying that good things happen in threes. She just released her new Fit Mommy-to-Be prenatal DVD; her husband, Emmy-winner Alec Baldwin, is set to become the host for a new talk show on MSNBC; and — last but not least in the trio of bliss — the couple’s baby girl, Carmen Gabriela, made her big New York debut on August 23. caught up with the new working mom a second time to find out what motherhood is like in the fast lane. (Read a previous interview with Hilaria about pregnancy and fitness secrets.) Follow her on Twitter @hilariabaldwin.

If you had to sum up the birth of your child in one word, which one would you pick?

WOW. There isn’t one word that is strong enough to describe the feeling. Birth was absolutely incredible. My husband said it was a miracle, and I agree that it was pretty miraculous. I didn’t realize I could love something so deeply.

Some new moms write down when they feed the baby and change her, and how long she sleeps, so they can learn their child’s pattern. Have you done the same? What is Carmen’s schedule?

I was writing everything down at the beginning, especially before she gained back her birth weight. Now I am at the point where Carmen and I are in sync with each other, so I no longer have to write everything down. Carmen wakes up around 11 P.M. and then again around 2 A.M. and 5:30 A.M.

I read that baby Carmen has her days and nights confused. How are you coping with the situation?

We had some nights that were rough. She is up every two to three hours because she needs to eat, but she also likes to hang out and spend time with us.

What has been the biggest adjustment you had to make?

I am definitely sleeping differently, but I think my last trimester prepared me for the lack of sleep, because I was waking up all the time needing the bathroom! (Laughs) Aside from the sleep issue, I’ve also had to adjust to having another person in the house. My little person has needs, and because we love her so much, we want to cater to her every single need and make her as happy as possible. Another thing I have adjusted: priorities. I used to run to this meeting and that meeting, and now my life revolves around home, where we build everything around Carmen’s schedule.

What books or websites have you found useful?

When I was pregnant I read, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel. If I have any other questions, I go right to the Internet or I ask my baby nurse or my mom.

What books do you like to read to Carmen?

Are You My Mother?, by P.D. Eastman. I even read it to her in Spanish because I want her to speak Spanish. When I read this book, Carmen just coos, shifts her head from side to side, and smiles.

Your husband has been down the baby road before, so has he given you any advice?

It was so long ago — it’s really apples and oranges. He feels that this is a brand-new experience. But you can tell he has done this before. He’s so at ease when he holds the baby. I honestly feel like we are both new parents who are taking this journey together.


Photo credit: Acacia/Arthur Cohen

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Melissa Explains It All: Melissa Joan Hart on Motherhood and Balance

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Most moms would agree that a million dollars is more attainable than balance. None of us have perfect balance in our lives, including celebrities. I recently had the chance to chat with Melissa Joan Hart, and the Melissa and Joey star shared some of her struggles and tips for making life with kids easier.

Q: You’re a mom of three and your youngest is only 10 months. How have you been able to slim down so quickly?

A: Morning workouts are great for me because my day hasn’t gotten in the way yet. I try to dedicate 1 hour to fitness in the morning, or I make my workouts a social experience. I like to take spinning classes with friends. I’m working on my fitness while spending time with people that I love. Nutrisystem has also really helped me stay on top of my diet.

Q: How have you been able to balance work and motherhood?

A: I used to leave the boys in Connecticut while I traveled to LA for work. We wanted them to have a grounded home base. That was pretty hard, so now we all travel together. They can come on set and see me work.

Q: What advice can you give to moms who are struggling to find work-life balance?

A: Get a calendar. My calendar is my best friend. And always prioritize. Once work is done, it’s family time, and then friends, in that order. And, like I mentioned earlier, you can combine friends and workout time.

Q: How did you approach labor and delivery? Did you have a birth plan for each of your children?

A: I did have a plan for each. I wanted to avoid drugs each time, but it wasn’t always possible. It’s great to plan, but I realized that sometimes you just have to let go and forgive yourself. The most important thing is that the baby is healthy.

Q: As a mother of three, what is the one thing you can’t live without?

A: I hate to admit it, but my iPad. It’s really helped in the car, at dinners, and on planes with the baby.

Q: Is the baby sleeping in a nursery on his own yet?

A: Oh yeah. He’s a big boy and he gets to sleep in his nursery on his own. We’re actually redoing the room for him. We chose chalkboard paint from the Disney Paints line, so he’ll be able to draw on his walls! I love that it’s non-toxic and safe for him. They even have glow-in-the-dark paint, which is really cool.

Q: You have a new book coming out this fall, Melissa Explains it All. Is there anything that moms can look forward to?

A: Yes. I’m very excited about the book. There’s a whole chapter on motherhood. It’s my true story of all of my different worlds (motherhood, work, marriage) colliding.

Q: You have three beautiful boys. Do you think you’ll try for a girl?

A: Doing a little girl’s hair is a scary thought. No girls for me.

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Lisa Ling: “I Was Terrified of Motherhood”

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

IKEA And Lisa Ling Celebrate Life Improvement Project With Donation To Save The Children And Makeover Of Brooklyn Children's Facility Affected By Hurricane Sandy

This post was written by our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Our America host Lisa Ling has sure been one busy first-time mom! Aside from taking care of her five-month-old daughter, Jett, the TV journalist serves as an Ambassador for The IKEA Life Improvement Project. This initiative donates to Save the Children‘s Early Steps For School program that supports early education.

Lisa opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her role as a Life Improvement Project Ambassador, why the Early Steps For School program is so important, and how her little girl Jett is doing. She also shares a funny story about how she once had to Fed-Ex her milk to Jett when she was on the road working on the fifth season of Our America!

CBS: Tell us about your role as an Ambassador for the IKEA Life Improvement Project.

LL: “IKEA approached me last year about becoming an Ambassador. I am such a huge fan of IKEA and always have been. In fact, when my husband and I built our home three years ago, we used a ton of IKEA products in our house. We built the first LEED-certified platinum home in Santa Monica, as we are both nerdy environmentalists. [laughs]

Many people don’t realize that IKEA is incredibly philanthropic. IKEA’S Life Improvement Project is a site where people can submit ideas, suggestions, and stories abut how they improved their lives and their homes, so others can get ideas from them. For every idea submitted, a dollar goes to Save the Children’s early education effort. This is something that really appealed to me. At the conclusion of the project, IKEA will present fifty thousand dollars to Save the Children. I was really excited about that.”

CBS: You will help IKEA present the very generous donation to Save the Children’s Early Steps for School Success program. What is the program all about?

LL: “I’ve always been an advocate for early childhood education. My mother-in-law actually helped start the program in Newark, New Jersey. Save the Children works in low-income communities to help young children get access to early education. It’s something I wish more communities would try to do, because it’s been proven that when children get exposed to early education, their cognitive abilities develop and it helps them become more successful in the end.”

CBS:  How’s your baby girl, Jett, doing? Is she an easy baby? Have you been able to get a lot of sleep?

LL: “She’s great! Fortunately for all of us, she’s napping right now. [laughs] She’s enriched our lives in such a profound way. We feel so lucky, albeit I am a little sleep deprived.” [laughs]

CBS:  What is your favorite part about being a mom so far? Do you have any special motherhood moments to share?  

LL: “To be honest, my favorite part about being a mom is going into her room at night and just staring at her. I can stare at her forever… feeling that connection to this little person is so amazing. As strange as it sounds, my biggest fear about having a child was being responsible for another life. However, one thing I derive pleasure from is knowing that I have this person to take care of who needs me. She is such a beautiful little life.

My favorite motherhood moments are every time she smiles. She recently just started smiling and laughing, and there’s this little sounds she makes when she laughs that warms my heart.”

CBS: You waited so long to become a mom, is motherhood everything you thought it would be?  Has it transformed you or changed you?

LL: “It’s funny you ask that, because I was never that woman who had this desire to have a baby; it wasn’t my long-awaited wish. Now that we have her, I can’t imagine life without her because she’s brought so much joy to my life. I was terrified of motherhood before having her; I even spent the day before she was born crying and thinking to myself, ‘What have we done? We can’t go back now!’ [laughs] Now we are at a place where we can’t imagine life without her.

Motherhood has transformed me, because the world looks so different now. I’ve always wanted to do things that help me expand my horizons and my mind, and I’ve always wanted to do work that I could be proud of. Now I want my work to be something that my daughter is proud of.”

CBS: Do you believe “women having it all” is unrealistic or is it attainable?

LL: “I don’t think it is realistic at all. I think women make so many sacrifices, much more than men do. It’s okay to not have it all, it’s okay to ask for help, and it’s okay to say, ‘I need to talk to someone and I need to confide in other people about things.’ I think the idea of women having it all is nice to imagine, but I don’t think it is really possible. I think we can have a whole lot of things and we can be good at a lot of things, but we also should feel like it’s okay to ask for help when we need it.”

CBS: What upcoming projects do you have?

LL: “I am now working on the fifth season of my show, Our America. It isn’t airing until next year, but I’m already on the road a bit here and there, which is definitely challenging. The last trip I took was a week long and I ended up Fed-Exing my milk for Jett, which is funny because it really worked! [laughs] I Fed-Exed it overnight and when it arrived, a lot of it was still totally frozen. Technology and all of the things we are able to do to expedite things are amazing.”

CBS: What are you and your family doing this summer? Any fun family trips?

LL: “We are probably going to stay home a lot, because I am doing tons of work. My husband and I are also going to Mongolia. We were supposed to go last year, but I got pregnant and we had to postpone the trip to the end of this summer. Mongolia is the place I’ve always wanted to visit the most. I’ve always been fascinated with the Mongol Empire and I’ve been to so many other countries surrounding Mongolia. I’m super excited to go! Both grandmas have been kind enough to watch Jett for a week.”

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Hilary Duff: “I Love Being A Mom”

Friday, May 17th, 2013

This post was written by our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Hilary Duff has joined the campaign to support Johnson’s Baby Cares partnership with Save the Children for the second year in a row. The actress recently visited the Save the Children early childhood education school in Yucca Valley, California – where she met with families who benefit from the program.

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently had a chance to catch up with Hilary about the Johnson’s Baby Cares program, her 1-year-old son Luca, and her biggest motherhood rewards.

Celebrity Baby Scoop: Tell us about partnering with Johnson’s Baby for Johnson’s Baby Cares. What’s it all about? Why did you get involved?

Hilary Duff: I can’t believe I have my first year as a mom under my belt – time flies. Looking back on it, I’ve been thinking a lot about the support I received from my family, friends and fans over the past year, and how their words of encouragement really helped me get through some challenging days.

Unfortunately not all moms have the same support system or even basic everyday resources to help them with motherhood. That’s why I’m proud to partner with Johnson’s Baby Cares for the second year on its newest campaign centered around Johnson’s Baby “Care Cards” – which is helping to deliver encouragement and positive support to moms across the country, while also raising funds for families and babies assisted by Save the Children.

Now, everyone can help in an easy and fun way! Visit Johnson’s Baby’s Facebook page to send a digital Care Card filled with love and inspiration to a special mom in your life. For every card sent, shared or liked Johnson’s Baby will donate $1 to Save the Children to benefit early parenting and childhood education programs.

CBS: How’s baby Luca doing? Is he into everything these days now that he’s walking?

HD: “Luca’s incredible! I can’t believe he is already 13 months old. He’s certainly an active boy and yes, even more so now that he is walking. In fact, he basically skipped the walking stage and went straight to “speed walking.” I spend my days on my feet trailing him around the house and yard!”

CBS: How has your life changed in the last year since you’ve become a mother? What are the greatest rewards of motherhood? Biggest challenges?

HD: I really love being a mom.Motherhoodchanges the way you see the world. I’ve always been passionate about giving back, but now I’m more passionate about supporting causes that help other moms and babies, like Johnson’s Baby Cares.

I’m rewarded by Luca every day, whether it’s with a new smile or an accomplished milestone, but the biggest reward has to be discovering this tremendous newfound love that I had no idea existed within me. Every day brings new challenges, but you learn to trust yourself and your instincts to help get through them.

CBS: You seem to have the ‘perfect’ life with a great career and family life. But do you think women can REALLY ‘have it all’? Have you had to make sacrifices now that you’re a mom?

HD: Nobody’s life is perfect but in this day and age women are able to find a balance between work and home life. Of course my life has changed but I don’t think of them as sacrifices because I was ready for this new chapter!

CBS: We saw you and Mike enjoying Coachella. Comment on the importance of making time as a couple. Do you think it’s important? Do you have regular date nights?

HD: Yes of course it’s important to make time to focus on your relationship. But it’s not always easy! We aren’t huge planners, we tend to do things last minute but we enjoy going out for nice dinners or spending time with friends. is one of the most popular blogs on the topic and the foremost provider of everything celebrity-baby, featuring baby fashion, baby names, baby trends and up-to-the-minute celebrity baby gossip and pics. Get all the latest news, updates, and photos about Hollywood’s most beloved celebrity moms, dads and their babies. Who’s the latest Tinseltown baby? Who’s due next and who just announced a pregnancy? It’s all on Celebrity Baby Scoop.

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Singer Jewel on Motherhood and Learning “The Balancing Act”

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

This post was written by our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Singer and songwriter Jewel has been one busy mama! She recently performed during the Academy of Country Music Awards’ Lifting Lives Moment to benefit ConAgra Foods’ Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign. She is also set to play June Carter Cash in the Lifetime Original Movie Ring of Fire, coming out this May.

Jewel opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her son, Kase, 20-months, who went on his first “road tour,” her involvement with ConAgra and the cause to end child hunger, finding a balance between being a mom and having a creative outlet, and her Mother’s Day plans.

Celebrity Baby Scoop: Tell us about your partnership with ACM Lifting Lives. How did you get involved with the organization?

Jewel: “I was the spokesperson for ConAgra Foods last year. ConAgra’s initiative is to bring awareness to end child hunger, and they did this by partnering with the ACM. They have songwriters and artists write songs in different formats, such as a country song or a pop song, which are then used in the commercials. Last year, I sang a song for the campaign and Little Big Town performed it for the ACM Lifting Lives moment. This year, another girl wrote the song and I performed at the ACM Awards.”

CBS: How did you prepare for your performance at the Academy of Country Music Awards?

J: “I performed a medley of my song Hands and this other song. I’ve prepared in all sorts of ways. I had to work on the medley, work out the keys, and practice on it to make sure I was ready to do it live.”


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Rosie to the Rescue: Why I Won’t Tell My Kids About Sandy Hook

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Check out blog posts by Rosie Pope, star of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels,” every week at! 

It’s hard to think of much else this week other than this terrible tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. I’ve struggled to make sense of it, and at the same time wondered how or what to tell my young children in these times, if indeed they should be told anything. I am torn between trying not to think about it, and then forcing myself to in some way pay respect to all who fell victim that terrible day. I am sure you are struggling with the same things.

I have not told my children about this tragedy. My oldest is only 4.

I remember as a child hearing of a plane crash and being terrified of flying. I asked my dad to promise me that the plane we were on would not crash. Even at that young age, part of me knew he could not truthfully promise such a thing, but as my dad, my protector, that didn’t matter. As long as I could hear him utter the words that it was safe to fly, I could believe in them. I still do.

A very wise woman, who I respect endlessly, told me, “Keep this tragedy from our young children. Do not carelessly leave newspapers lying around, do not leave the TV on, and tell all caregivers not to speak of this in front of them.” Our little ones, between ages two and five, need to know they are safe, even when we are not always sure ourselves how true that is. They do not need to know of this unspeakable act; their worlds need to be warm and fuzzy, full of love and comfort.

If my four-year-old hears about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary, I will do the same thing my dad did. I will promise my son he has nothing to fear and that he is safe. That this terrible thing happened, but everyone is doing all that they can to make sure it never happens again, and he has nothing to fear.

Hold your children close to you, and let’s stand together to try and make sure a tragedy like this never does happen again. So we can be sure that when we talk to our children, there is no longer a reason to lie.

For information and resources on dealing with the tragedy, visit the following on

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Rosie to the Rescue: How I Solved My Son’s Food Fears

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Check out blog posts by Rosie Pope, star of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels,” every week at! 

My three children eat very differently: One boy eats anything he can lay his hands on, the other: not so much. At one point he had pasta and butter with cheese on the side (on-the-side was very important) for almost every meal! And well, my youngest is just not that pleased that I am trying to feed her pureed fruits and veggies. She is much more of a milk girl, at least this week!

With all of them, though, I’ve followed the same philosophy of introducing good foods, wholesome and varied, making sure to give a rainbow assortment at each meal starting around their first birthday. But I’ve found that just like adults, children have different taste buds and are exercising boundaries at different times. What’s important to remember is that while food and children can sometimes be tricky, I don’t know a single adult who only drinks milk, or has never allowed anything other than buttered noodles to touch her lips! The key is patience, constantly trying new things (even if it doesn’t work), not making meal times stressful, and setting good food examples yourself (yes I am guilty of sneaking a little candy behind the cupboard door every now and then!).

I want to tell you a personal story when a few months ago my son started refusing to eat lunch at school. He was visibly upset and would cry when the teachers or I would encourage him to eat. We tried everything, even allowing him to choose things for lunch I could never in my wildest imagination have imagined giving to him. Frankly, I was desperate and just wanted him to eat something. And he still didn’t eat it. This was clearly not about food.

What worked for my son, who is 4, was to finally explain why we eat food, and what happens if we don’t. I didn’t sugarcoat it: I explained how sick we get when we don’t eat or drink fluids. That we end up in the hospital. And how fortunate we are to be able to have all the food and drink we need. To be so honest–and in a way, dark–was not easy, but it worked. It opened my son up to talk about what was really going on: He was afraid of the classroom in which they were eating lunch. But, he didn’t want to get sick. Bit by bit he started eating a little more. And week by week I swapped out the unspeakable lunch items that I had given him with much more wholesome options. I also gave him some control by saying, “If you eat your lunch and therefore have energy, you can stay up 30 minutes later at night. If you don’t, you must sleep earlier to get that energy.”

I’m not saying this will work for you as this was such a specific problem, or that the many ideas out there will work for everyone, from hiding foods in scrumptious recipes, to standing firm and only allowing your kids to eat what you eat. But what I am saying is if it seems your child is really trying to cut out so many foods and making so many demands–rather than simply not liking peas–maybe consider if something else is going on. And work with him. Food is often one of the few ways kids can assert control over adults, and they will begin to do it in a situation in which they might feel out of control (in my son’s case, the big new scary classroom, with new kids).

You know by now I am big on communication with your kids. They understand much more than we can ever imagine, and just as our environment affects our eating, so does theirs.

In a society so full of eating problems, I encourage you to set good examples for your children. Just because your child knows when you’ve tried to hide the broccoli in that muffin, don’t give up!

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Rosie to the Rescue: What Kind of Mom Will Kate Middleton Be?

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Check out blog posts by Rosie Pope, star of Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels,” every week at! 

With all the royal baby fever, I can hardly control myself. Or think about anything else, for that matter!

There are so many questions buzzing, from of course what Kate will wear, to what type of parents she and the dad-to-be will be to this child, girl or boy, who will be third in line to the throne after William.

Traditionally, the royal family has practiced a very hands-off parenting style. Attachment Parenting is certainly not what comes to mind! The Queen notoriously didn’t visit Prince Charles in hospital when he was admitted with appendicitis as a child. And there are countless other tales about the distance between the Queen and her children, not to mention her questionable involvement in choosing for Prince Charles his wife Diana, rather than validating his love for Camilla–prioritizing a union she thought was right for the crown, not the heart.

As fate would have it, Princess Diana ended up changing the face of royal parenting with a very hands-on approach, which at that time surprised the nation, and exposed what we all came to love about Diana: her loving and nurturing nature.

I am sure Kate (and William) will be far more like Diana than the Queen in her parenting style. However, Kate will be a working mom, and will have to juggle the balance between motherhood, a life under the media’s glare, and a heavy workload of public service both in the United Kingdom and around the world. While I wouldn’t dream of comparing her support team to what most mothers have access to, I am hoping to see her develop into a role model for balance. So far William and Kate seem to have prioritized their relationship; with the addition of a little one, I’m sure they will continue to put their family first. But as with so many of us, the necessity to work, whether for financial reasons or duty, in or out of the home, makes balance that much trickier. I am hoping she will be open and honest about it, and continues to be an inspiration to us all.

A new people’s princess? Only time will tell.

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