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What to Know About Windows 8

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

The new operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8, has gone live. If you’re expecting just another aesthetic design upgrade, think again. This new OS is a total desktop refresh: Forget about the old start menu and program icons! Windows 8 features a screen of tiles similar to what you see now on Windows’ phones. The tiles act as short cuts to the Internet, your calendar, apps, e-mails, social media, and more. You can customize them to sync with whatever you choose. Overall, the system looks really different than what we’re used to, but it’s easy to get the hang of and includes benefits like faster start-up times, better battery life, a better task manager, and improved system security (including great parental controls). If you bought (or will buy) a Windows 7 PC between June 2 and January 31, the upgrade will only cost you $15. For everyone else, you can get the $70 upgrade for $40 if you buy online before January 31. Click here for more details.

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New Windows 8 App: Parents Pregnancy and Baby Guide

Monday, October 29th, 2012

With Microsoft officially unveiling its latest Windows 8 operating system and new Surface tablet on October 26, Parents is happy to announce the launch of its Windows 8 Pregnancy & Baby Guide!

The app provides a fun interactive experience for new and expectant parents—week-by-week guides are packed with helpful information and photographs for pregnancy and baby’s first year, while another month-by-month section guides parents to age 2.

Other cool features allow users to track their baby’s development and share photos with friends.

The app is free. Click here to get it today!


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