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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Master Moves Mickey

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

With all the talk of Black Friday starting ridiculously early (sigh), I feel like I may as well start handing out some holiday gifts before Thanksgiving! We get some pretty sweet surprises in the mail over here at Parents and American Baby magazine, and there’s no reason you all shouldn’t get a crack at some of it. 

For instance, we’ve been jamming over here with Master Moves Mickey. He’s hanging out in our office, but should be singing in your home! The toy is for ages 2 and up and sings, flips himself over on one hand, and otherwise rocks out.

Master Moves Mickey has a retail price of $50. But leave a comment here, up to once a day, and you’ll be eligible to win him when we do our random drawing the day before Thanksgiving. Maybe tell me one of the toys you’ll be looking to buy this holiday season! (My kids want something that doesn’t exist: A Lego school. So that’s probably going to translate into a big box of Lego bricks and a “good luck!” note!)

Sometimes folks leave a comment here and it doesn’t show up right away, but it usually registers with our server within a few hours. Don’t panic! And we promise more holiday gift-giveaways in the next few weeks. For the full rules, read here. Goody Luck! 

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: The Disney Store Turns 25

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

We’ve got several huge Disney fans here in our offices. I’m definitely one of them. Mostly, I love Disney World itself. But when I can’t go down to the parks, I get a lot of joy out of visiting a Disney Store. There’s a big one here in New York City, right in Times Square, where I like to bring my college roommate Tami. She collects Tigger stuff. I was also there a lot (more than I want to admit) when my daughter, Grace, was in full princess mode, and when my son, Joe, thought he had to have every Cars character. I’m serious, the Disney Store has WAY better princess dresses and a lot more Cars figures than any regular big-box store you’ll visit. Does that sound geeky? So be it. You can’t accuse me of having not done my research.

The kids and I in our happy place, Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom in Orlando just turned 40 in October, and now The Disney Store is turning 25. To help them celebrate, you have until the end of the day on the store’s birthday, Wednesday March 28th, to leave a comment here and be registered to win $265.95 worth of Disney Store merch.

Get all this loot!

Be warned: There’s no baby stuff. (But check out the baby line here, I love the grows-with-baby bodysuits.) This giveaway does include plenty for Disneyphiles who appreciate anniversary-labeled gear. It includes T-shirts for Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother; two collectible statues (one worth $99.50 and one worth $44.50); Mickey plush and Sorcerer Mickey Vinylmation. (Never heard of Vinylmation? It’s…a Disney thing. See a bunch here.) And a lot more stuff.

Leave a comment! Tell me if your baby has a favorite Disney character yet, or if your nursery is Disneyfied. We hear that The Lion King has now taken over as a favorite nursery theme, even beating out longtime number-one Disney nursery theme Pooh. You can read the full giveaway rules here. Goody luck!



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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Untangling the Myths About Attention DisorderGoody Blog Daily News Roundup
As recently as 2002, an international group of leading neuroscientists found it necessary to publish a statement arguing passionately that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder was a real condition.

In the face of “overwhelming” scientific evidence, they complained, A.D.H.D. was regularly portrayed in the media as “myth, fraud or benign condition” — an artifact of too-strict teachers, perhaps, or too much television.

In recent years, it has been rarer to hear serious doubt that the disorder really exists, and the evidence explaining its neurocircuitry and genetics has become more convincing and more complex. (New York Times)

Mickey Moves to Another Screen
I have a serious question for Robert A. Iger, the president and chief executive of the Walt Disney Company: Did you get both hands on a Nintendo Wii controller and personally play through several hours of Disney Epic Mickey?

If so, perhaps you think that everyday game players have a lot more patience and a much higher tolerance for frustration than they do. And that is because Disney Epic Mickey is one of those enticing yet deeply flawed games that is a lot more fun to watch than to play. (New York Times)

Starting School Younger Equals Slimmer Students
Girls who start school early for their age are less likely than others to be obese as teens, according to new research.
The study, published today (Dec. 14) in the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that girls who started school early for their age had lower body mass indexes (BMI), a measure of fatness, as teens. The reason why starting school younger affects weight later isn’t known, said study researcher Ning Zhang of the University of Rochester School of Medicine. (MSNBC)

Our kids are all angels, study finds. Really?
There’s no shortage of bratty children in America, as anyone who stood in line to see Santa over the weekend can attest. But you wouldn’t know that from a new study of American families, which finds that 96 percent of the nation’s parents think their kids are pretty well-behaved, actually.
In fact, just 4 percent of parents admit their children are generally not well-behaved or obedient, according to a new government report on family health.  (Moms Today)


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