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Parents Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Babies Lip-Read, May Offer Autism Clues
For years, the conventional wisdom was that babies learned how to talk by listening to their parents. But a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that our little angels are using more than their ears to acquire language.

Young U.S. Citizens in Mexico Brave Risks for American Schools
Called “transfronterizos,” these students migrate between two nations every day, straining the resources of public school districts and sparking debate among educators.

More Schools Likely to Lose Accreditation, Experts Say
As anxiety over the academic performance of public schools grows, experts say it’s likely that more schools and school districts will lose public or private accreditation.

NJ Mom Gives Birth to Child on Train to NYC
A New Jersey woman got the morning commute of her life when she gave birth to her first child on a PATH commuter train to New York.

Mom Claims CHOP Refuses to Give Special Needs Child Transplant
Mother says that a doctor at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia refused to recommend transplant surgery for her 3-year-old because the girl is mentally disabled.

Group Petitions to Bring Breastfeeding Back to Sesame Street
Women rely on both breast feeding and bottles to feed their babies, says a group that supports nursing in public. So why does Sesame Street show bottle-feeding exclusively?

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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupNewborns with low vitamin D have infection risk
Newborns with low vitamin D levels may have a heightened risk of developing a certain type of lung infection before their first birthday, a new study suggests. (MSNBC)

Chocolate milk in schools: Yummy treat or evil sweet?
Those familiar cartons of chocolate milk could be disappearing from elementary school cafeterias soon, if anti-obesity advocates get their way. Some school districts already prohibit flavored milk, and many others are considering a ban. (MSNBC)

Families along U.S.-Mexico border face tough school choices
When Princess Martinez saw her husband for the first time after he was deported, two thoughts crossed her mind: that she loved this man, and that she might have to leave him. The only other option appeared to be moving with their six daughters — who, like Martinez, are all U.S. citizens — across the border to her husband’s new home in Mexico, with its mounting violence and troubled schools. (Washington Post)


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