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Hold My Hand

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

I think as parents we can all agree that, despite the amount of sleep that our children make us lose, they make us better people. Their innocence, purity, and blunt (sometimes brutal) honesty keep us grounded. And the love that they fill our lives with is immeasurable. But in the U.S., 400,540 kids are living without permanent families, according to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

For many parents who are looking to add a little one to their family, the things standing between them and their baby are the massive amounts of paperwork and waiting that make up the adoption process. With expenses, meetings, background checks, and birth parent arrangements (to name a few), adopting a child can be intimidating.

I recently sat down with reality stars and proud adoptive parents, Bill Horn and Scout Masterson (aka The Guncles) to discuss their adoption journey with their 3-year-old daughter, Simone. “The road to bringing Simone home was long and hard. We wished there was someone there to hold our hand,” they said. But after learning the ropes and having their toddler Simone as their happy ending, Bill and Scout are not only ready to do it again, they’re also extending their expertise to those tackling adoption for the first time.

Through their free mentoring service, Hold My Hand, Bill and Scout help with everything from tips on how and where to start the adoption process to utilizing social media to connect with a birthmother. They can even help decorate and furnish the nursery!

“Adoption can be very difficult. We know one family who waited three and a half years for their baby. But the most important thing is to remain hopeful. You have to believe that your baby will find you,” Bill said.

You can learn more about Bill and Scout’s organization at

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