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Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Happy Meal gets a makeover
McDonald’s Happy Meals are getting their fat and calories trimmed, the fast food giant announced Tuesday.

Kids From Unplanned Pregnancies Tend to Lag Behind Intellectually
Young children born after unplanned pregnancies tend to have a smaller vocabulary and poorer non-verbal and spatial abilities than other children, but these problems are actually due to socioeconomic factors, a new study suggests.

Among Twists in Budget Woes, Tensions Over Teaching the Deaf
At the root of the tension is a debate that stretches well beyond Indiana: Will sign language and the nation’s separate schools for the deaf be abandoned as more of the deaf turn to communicating, with help from fast-evolving technology, through amplified sounds and speech?

Special Needs Kids Bullied More, Fare Poorly at School
Many ‘special needs’ kids who struggle with medical, emotional or behavioral issues often face tough social and academic troubles in school, a new study suggests.

No jail for mom whose son died jaywalking with her
Raquel Nelson will not be going to jail — at least not anytime soon. The single mother from Marietta, Ga., who potentially faced more prison time for jaywalking than the man convicted for the hit-and-run accident that killed her 4-year-old son, was sentenced to 40 hours of community service and 12 months probation in Cobb County State Court, but then also given the option of a new trial in an unusual decision.

New Tests for Newborns, And Dilemmas for Parents
The familiar heel prick that newborns receive is revealing more about a baby’s health than ever before. But, as technology opens the possibility of screening newborns for hundreds of diseases, there is controversy over how much parents need to know.

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The Biggest Recall of 2010 Shouldn’t Have Been a Recall

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Shrek-GlassWhat was the biggest consumer product recall of 2010? The McDonald’s recall of 12 million Shrek glasses because of concerns about cadmium levels in them, according to Mitch Lipka at Walletpop. But, it turns, out the glasses need not have been recalled in the first place: At the time of the recall, Lipka writes in his Consumer Ally blog, “the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission had yet to set official limits for what constituted dangerous. When they did a few months later, the result was the Shrek glasses would not have been recalled.”

Lipka goes on to list the 10 largest recalls of the year (from all consumer products), and we’ve got our list here of the biggest toy recalls of 2010.

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McDonald’s Sued for Allegedly Bribing Kids With Toys

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

The Center for Science in the Public Interest filed a class action lawsuit today against McDonald’s, accusing the mega-chain of using Happy Meal toys to lure children into its restaurants.

The CSPI suit was filed in conjunction with Monet Parham, a Sacramento mother of two, who claims that her young daughters ask to go to McDonald’s to get toys based on popular characters like Barbie, i-Carly, Shrek and Strawberry Shortcake. ”The food seems almost beside the point to the kids,” says Parham via CPSI, “because the toy monopolizes the attention of Maya and her two-year-old sister Lauryn.”

Parham goes on to state via the CSPI, “I am concerned about the health of my children and feel that McDonald’s should be a very limited part of their diet and their childhood experience. But as other busy, working moms and dads know, we have to say ‘no’ to our young children so many times, and McDonald’s makes that so much harder to do. I object to the fact that McDonald’s is getting into my kids’ heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat.”

For more info on this, see Mitch Lipka’s Consumer Ally blog.

Where do you stand on this issue? Do you think the lawsuit against McDonald’s is warranted or feel that it’s a parent’s responsibility to set boundaries for their children and if Parham has a problem with the chain, she should simply avoid it?

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Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Goody Blog Daily News RoundupSF supervisors pass ‘Happy Meal’ regulations:
City lawmakers on Tuesday approved legislation that they hope will force fast-food chains such as McDonald’s to make their children’s meals healthier or stop selling them with toys. [MSNBC]

Study: Half of teens who recover from depression relapse: Researchers have found that most depressed adolescents and teenagers who get treatment with drugs, therapy or both get some relief, but half will relapse withing five years. [MSNBC]

Fussy newborns may have more troubles later on: At just 1 month old, infants show signs of temperament troubles that can turn into mood and behavior problems later in life, a new study suggests. [MSNBC]

How to raise the men we’d want to marry: Until I had a son, I thought, well, naturally you want to raise your child — boy or girl — to have a full emotional life. Then I tried to. And I discovered that there’s a big difference between believing a boy should show his feelings freely and actually having a boy who does. [CNN]

At English-Mandarin public school, high test scores, but also strife: The school is the target of nine city investigations stemming from allegations that it compelled families to pay for after-school instruction, tampered with the city enrollment process, mismanaged its finances and manipulated surveys on parents’ satisfaction with the school. In addition, a series of anonymous, threatening letters directed at the principal and parent leaders prompted the parents association to budget $20,000 for legal assistance and stepped-up security. [New York Times]

Speaking to the identity of Chinese children in U.S.: Abby Newell’s adoptive parents have been preparing for her “birth tour” for years. They have attended Chinese culture camp in Silver Spring, decorated their Fairfax home like a Shanghai apartment and – most important, they say – enrolled Abby in Mandarin classes on the weekend. [Washington Post]

Montgomery County mom takes a poke at her peeps: Last year, out of her house in the Montgomery County town of Kensington, Sullivan launched a blog and a clothing line called Snoburbia to comment on the absurdities of the place she calls home. Though really, it could be Anyplace, USA – so long as Anyplace has elite lacrosse teams and e-mail discussion groups loaded with bragging parents. “Everywhere there are proud overachievers,” Sullivan says, “there is Snoburbia.” [Washington Post]

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