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Birthing Dolls for Kids?

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Explaining that  a new baby is on the way can get difficult when kids are a certain age. The stork story doesn’t quite fly anymore, but explaining natural childbirth can be confusing for toddlers and awkward for parents.

So maybe the best way to explain the new arrival is with a MamAmor Doll. We first learned about her on Café Mom.  These dolls naturally birth babies—umbilical cord, placenta and all. There’s even a snap for the doll to breastfeed her newborn. The creators of these dolls are proponents of natural childbirth, attachment parenting, breastfeeding and open conversations with young children.

We can’t seem to decide what to make of these dolls! With prices starting at $130, they’re not exactly cheap but then again it’s a small price to pay to teach your toddler about what to expect. The FaceBook fan page has more than 3,500 followers. The doll’s definitely better than any educational video we’ve seen!

Would you buy one of these dolls? What do you think of them?

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