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Lullaby Music You and Baby Will Love

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Martha's Trouble Album CoverWhen I was in college, I spent my summers working as a teacher’s assistant in a child care center. I have many wonderful memories from those days — watching a baby take her first steps, hearing another say his first word — but there’s one thing I don’t miss: nap time.

Every day after lunch, the children were put on their cots to rest or nap. The lights were turned off, the shades were drawn, and music was turned on to block out noise from other classrooms. Our selection of music that calmed the children (without putting us to sleep) was so small that we often listened to the same CD, on repeat, for weeks. (Turns out there’s a limit to how many times you can hear the same princess love song before you start going crazy.)

My experience with bad children’s music must be why I instantly fell in love with Martha’s Trouble‘s new album of lullabies, “A Little Heart Like You.” A mix of traditional and original songs, the album is the 11th self-released record from the husband-and-wife duo. It’s the perfect lullaby album — soothing for Baby, not boring for Mom and Dad. If it had existed a few years ago, I wouldn’t have minded listening to it on repeat during nap time.

Martha’s Trouble was kind enough to give all of our Goody readers a free song from their new album. Simply click here for the download of “Goodnight Sweet Child” to begin. Enjoy!

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Win an ‘Acoustic Dreamland’ Lullaby CD

Monday, February 7th, 2011

acoustic-dreamland-cdGive your child sweet dreams and yourself a peaceful night’s rest with the new “Acoustic Dreamland” lullaby CD from Putumayo Kids.

Instead of “Hush Little Baby,” you’ll find original lullaby songs plus covers by children’s performers Elizabeth Mitchelle and Frances England and favorite grown-up artists such as Hem, Rosie Thomas, and Lucy Kaplansky.  Covers include songs written by James Taylor, Wilco, and Mary Chapin Carpenter.  You can listen to samples of the lullabies on the Putumayo Press website.

We’re giving way 10 copies of the “Acoustic Dreamland” lullaby CD to 10 winners.  Post an answer to the question, “What’s your favorite lullaby?” in our comments section from now through February 18. We’ll choose one winner in a random drawing.  Click here to read the complete contest rules. And Goody luck!

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