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Celebrate Grandparents Day

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Honor your grandmas and grandpas on Grandparents Day, which is September 11. consulted with Patricia Babuka, CEO and co-founder of GrandCamp Adventures, a line of products (storybooks, music, games) designed to strengthen connections between the older and younger generations.  Babuka shared, “Grandparents want to connect with their grandchildren. While 80% of grandparents say their grandchildren are their top priority, they  wonder how to entertain them.” 

The interaction strengthens family ties, increases love and happiness, ensures the preservation of family history, and builds a solid environment of security and safety.  Plus, “grandparents are given the valuable opportunity to tap into and enjoy youthful energy and see a world of possibilities. Parents find that children are nourished with a different kind of learning and sharing experience. Since grandparents are free from day-to-day parenting, they provide a special time of uninterrupted play,” says Babuka. 

Here are her three suggestions for how grandparents can bond with their tiny family members, whether they live near or far away.

Make time for the relationship and make that time sacred. A majority of grandparents today are online, making the Internet a key way to stay connected. Grandparents email grandchildren often and have Skype and telephone calls for quick chats about what happened that day. Those who keep long-distance communications short, fun, and frequent develop great rapport with their grandchildren.


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