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Kourtney: “It wouldn’t be a Kardashian line if it didn’t have a bit of leopard!”

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Kourtney and Kim’s baby girls (Penelope and North, respectively) have inspired the new (for now all-girls’) Kardashian Kids line, launching today on and in Babies “R” Us stores starting tomorrow. The design collaboration involved sisters Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney, who have been designing their women’s Kardashian Kollection at Sears for a few years now. We talked on the phone with Kourtney to find out more about the new line for little ladies.

What is uniquely Kardashian about the new baby girl clothes? 

“We have little touches of leopard. I feel like it wouldn’t be a Kardashian line if it didn’t have a bit of leopard. And I feel like leopard on babies is so cute because it’s pretty neutral.” (a 2-pack of bodysuits, right, is $20)

“Also, coming out in June is a tribal-print jumpsuit . We’ve done some tribal print in our women’s collection, so it kind of reminds me of our women’s collection as well.”

Did you have any baby-clothes pet peeves you wanted to address when designing your own line?

“As far as fabric, that was a big concern. We made sure that nothing is itchy, that everything is really soft and the best fabrics. Especially when it came to the details, I know my sister Kim and I definitely loved flaps that would fold over an infant’s hands. The little details that we used and appreciated, we wanted to make sure those were in our line.”

What was the most fun piece to create? 

“We did a really amazing little tulle skirt that is ruffles in a few different layers. We played with the different fabrics of what the layers were going to be. I would say that was really fun. It’s a really whimsical piece that can be worn with tights or leggings.” (skirt, right, is $30)

You know I have to ask, will you design for little boys eventually as well? Your son, Mason, is such a dapper little dude!

“Thanks! I would love to. I love little boy’s clothes. And I think my style for him has evolved. I’ve learned so much about what, depending on the age, you can get little boys to wear. They have such an opinion. Well, mine does! I feel like I would love to do a little boy’s line. So hopefully that will be soon.”

While we’re talking about Babies “R” Us, is there any little affordable thing that gets Penelope through the day? 

“Each of my kids took a pacifier. But they each used a different one. They say you should try different ones with your child [to find one they'll like].”

“I also loved the Beaba Babycook to make baby food. And Beaba has silicone spoons for their first spoons. I loved those, and the machine, and their food-storage containers. That whole system for me was really great for making baby food at home.”

The Kardashian Kids line is sized for newborns through 24 months.

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