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Mother Jailed for Lying to Send Kids to Better School

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Should a parent be locked up for lying to enroll her children in a better school system? The Ohio jury who found Kelly Williams-Bolar guilty of doing just that certainly thinks so. After listing her father’s ritzy Copely-Fairlawn address instead of her own in Akron on school registration and free lunch forms, the single mom was sentenced to 10 days in jail, reports the Akron Beacon-Journal. She was convicted on January 18 of two felony counts of tampering with records and given two years probation and 80 hours of community service, states her hometown newspaper.

Williams-Bolar, a teaching assistant for special-needs children, was released this week  after serving all but one day of her sentence. According to Beacon Journal columnist, Bob Dyer, she is currently a few credits short of her teaching degree— a dream that will now go unrealized as she’s considered a felon in the state (and thereby prohibited from gaining employment within a school district).

Dyer, a resident of Copely-Fairlawn, elaborates: ”Williams-Bolar had no criminal record. She was working in a city school as a teacher’s assistant — helping special-ed kids…and when she wasn’t at work, she was working to better herself, taking education courses at UA…Still, do we really want to employ teachers who steal tax dollars from schools? Some folks have questioned whether she truly set out to deceive…What is indisputable is that she knowingly ripped off taxpayers for two years.”

While many argue that Williams-Bolar simply wanted what was best for her two daughters and was willing to do whatever it took to ensure them a good education, others see her as a plain and simple felon who tried to beat the system. Regardless, this case has sparked a heated debate nationwide.

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