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Should Your Toddler Have an iPhone?

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

iPhoneGone are the days when parents could hand children a wooden spoon for entertainment—some parents are reaching for a glitzier, prettier, and more high-tech way of distracting their kids: the iPhones. Since the NYTimes featured the article “Toddlers’ Favorite Toy: The iPhone” this past Sunday, parents have been weighing in. 

Some are horrified at saturating their children with another cold screen that stunts “creative play” (goodbye sky and sunshine) while others are asking, “Why not?”  If the iPhone helps give parents a few quiet minutes while shopping in supermarkets, talking on the phone, traveling in the car, and flying on the plane…then, the iPhone is a miracle worker and cyber life saver.  Toddlers can learn through educational apps and teach their parents how to use certain features, too.  However, some parents are finding that granting their children access to the iPhone is a double-edged sword: kids may be quiet for a brief time, but they grow fussier and louder when they have limited access or when it’s taken away.

Would you let your toddler play with the iPhone?  At what age would you allow your kids to have one?

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