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Parents Daily News Roundup

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Childhood Obesity and Bullying Top Health Concerns for Voters
Amidst debate over immigration laws and health-care reform, presidential candidates may also want to put some focus on childhood obesity and bullying, according to results of a new poll showing Americans’ top priorities regarding childhood health concerns. (via Fox News)

AMA Supports Requiring Obesity Education for Kids
The American Medical Association agreed to support legislation that would require classes in causes, consequences and prevention of obesity for first through 12th graders. (via AP)

Smartphones Replacing Pacifiers? More Moms Use Phones to Distract Kids
According to a survey released by Asda, a supermarket chain in the U.K., 27 percent of mothers hand a phone over to a crying or whining kid rather than a toy. (via ABC News)

857 Desks Call Attention to Dropout Problem
On Wednesday, 857 student desks were placed near the Washington Monument to represent one of the 857 students who drop out of high school in the United States every single hour, every single school day, according to the College Board. The display was made to urge presidential candidates to put education at the top of their to-do lists. (via NY Times)

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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Third Baby Ill with Rare Bacteria Associated with Tainted Formula
An Oklahoma baby is the third infant this month sickened by bacteria sometimes associated with tainted infant formula.

After Christmas Death, Teen Leaves Online Message Behind
A Texas teen who died suddenly on Christmas Day from a congenital heart condition, is touching thousands of people around the world with a video he posted shortly before his death.

Target Nurse-In: Did It Change Perceptions of Public Breast-Feeding?
Boobs and babes took center stage Wednesday morning as nursing mothers held “nurse-ins” at Target stores across the country to assert their right to breast-feed their children in public.

Smoking During Pregnancy May Be Tied to Children’s Vascular Damage
Children of parents who smoke during pregnancy may show signs of vascular damage by the age of 5.

2012 Brings Changes in Car Seat Law
Current California law mandates children under 6 and weighing less than 60 pounds have to ride in a booster seat. Come January 1, that will change and the change is catching a lot of parents off guard.

Toddler Racks Up $200 iPhone Bill
When 20-month-old London Hall got a hold of her parent’s iPhone, she went on a shopping spree within one of the games racking up a $200 bill in the App Store.

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Last-Minute Holiday Shopping: Smart Cases

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Three of the hottest gifts for the holidays are the Kindle Fire, iPhone 4S, and the iPad 2. These big-ticket items may be a little too pricey for your gift-giving budget for friends this season (If not, friend me on Facebook. *wink, wink*), but you can still buy an awesome accessory for these devices. If your sweetie, BFF, or Aunt Marge already owns (or is about to own) one, consider giving a cool case to protect it.


For the iPhone 4S:

Two cases stood out for different reasons. First, the Juice Pack Air from Mophie serves as both a protective case and as a battery charger. This is great for people who are always on the go–and it helps with that pesky little battery-life problem the 4S seems to have. Mophie is also releasing a RED version of the case, which gives a portion of the proceeds to the fight against AIDS.

The other one is the CandyShell Flip from Speck. It solves one of the most annoying things about cases: You have to remove a lot of them to be able to dock your iPhone. Not an easy task once or twice a day. But the Flip’s bottom half bends back (without coming off) for easy docking. Genius.


For the iPad 2:

Speck also has a stellar selection of iPad 2 cases at different price points. But our hands-down favorite is Speck’s innovative case for kids. The iGuy makes it easy for kids to hold and carry the device–and harder for them to drop and break it. Plus, it’s just adorable-looking.


For the Kindle Fire:

G-Form wins the “Most Durable” award for its Kindle Fire case (It also has sleeves for the iPad 2). It’s water-resistant, impact-absorbing, and great for that klutzy friend on your list.




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Download Our New – and Free – Playgrounds! App

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Playgrounds! LogoThe Playgrounds! app from Parents and KaBOOM! and sponsored by Keen is the newest must-have app for parents. The iPhone app uses GPS or a zip code to instantly find the best local playgrounds closest to you.

But Playgrounds! is more than just a playground locator. The free app allows users to rate and review playgrounds, and post pictures of the space so other parents can check it out beforehand. Parents can even use Playgrounds! to coordinate playground playdates with other families and check-in on Facebook.

The app is already being used by parents across the country, including one very famous mom: Michelle Obama. After helping build KaBOOM!’s 2,000th playground last month in Washington, D.C., the First Lady used the app to post a picture of the new play space.

Dana Points, editor in chief of Parents, says “It’s so important for families to have access to safe places for children to play and the Playgrounds! app makes finding those spaces and setting up play dates so easy.”

The app is free, easy to use, and ready to download today. What are you waiting for? Go play!

Download the Playgrounds! app here.

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Michelle Obama Uses Our New Playgrounds! App

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Michelle ObamaThe Playgrounds! iPhone app from Parents and KaBOOM! and sponsored by Keen is getting a lot of attention after the First Lady recently used it. Mrs. Obama was at a charter school in Washington, D.C to celebrate the building of KaBOOM!’s 2,000th playground, a non-profit that helps bring play spaces to low-income communities, when she snapped a photo of the new playground and uploaded it to the app.

The Playgrounds! app allows users to find nearby playgrounds, rate them, make playdates and more. According to MinOnline, “The app itself is easy to use and seems to be a good service-oriented brand extension for Parents.”

Join First Lady Michelle Obama and download the free Playgrounds! App today!

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New App Lets Baby Pick His Own Name

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

UntitledGrowing up I hated that my first name was hyphenated, and for good reason. From my 5-year-old perspective, it was long, weird, and difficult for anyone to get right. I would always tell my parents I wished I had a say in what they picked so I could have a normal name like everyone else. Now, fortunately for the unborn, there’s a new 99 cent iPhone app called “Kick to Pick” that gives your child a say from the womb…supposedly.

An expecting mom in her second trimester can put an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad up to her belly as the app scrolls through thousands of randomly generated names, which can also be organized by gender or favorites. The app is programmed to recognize any fetal movement so when the baby kicks, the scanning automatically stops on the “chosen” name (assuming that a kick means he or she likes it). It’s then up to the parents to decide whether they want to stick with the baby’s pick or continue scrolling for more options.

“Kick to Pick” seems pretty cool for some lighthearted fun or even a tiebreaker in the mom vs. dad name battle, but it does make me wary that kids will end up resenting their names even more when they find out they weren’t named after a family member, celebrity, or even a Twilight character. Nope–instead, they were named by an iPhone app.

–Maria-Nicole Marino

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Can Toddlers Learn to Read with an iPad?

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Apple iPad 2Stop feeling guilty the next time you hand over an iPad or iPhone to entertain your toddler — you may actually be helping him learn how to read. recently wrote about a new trend in ”toddler” apps, educational apps targeted to kids between 4 months to 3 year old, to help them learn earlier and faster.  One mom’s son started playing with an iPad at 9 months old, and now 5 months later, he recognizes letters and uses 75 apps.  Plus, since more toddlers are learning how to handle an iPhone and iPad, even Toys “R” Us is selling iPads and a kindergarten class in Maine will be getting their own iPads when school starts again.

However, another mom allowed her 3-year-old twins play with apps on an iPad, and while they recognized letters and numbers visually, they weren’t able to say or verbalize them.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under 2 years old avoid watching TV or handling any electronics unless parents are making an effort to interact with their kids for teaching purposes.

The key, then, is interaction–kids still learn best through the human touch of good old-fashioned one-on-one teaching.  But are parents becoming too obsessed with forcing toddlers to be achievers at a young age, from getting them to read chapter books to enrolling them in sports classes to perfecting potty training techniques?

Would you give your child an iPad or iPhone if it would help him learn and read faster? And do you think parents are too obsessed with helping their kids become achievers?

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Get the American Baby’s New Baby Names App!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Instead of flipping through baby name books or clicking through Web sites, use your smart phone to pick out a baby name. American Baby brings you, Baby Names,  a free iPhone app to help parents-to-be find that perfect name for their upcoming addition!

The app offers more than 25,000 boy and girl names plus their  pronunciation, meaning, gender, origin, and popularity. You’ll also get a free American Baby magazine subscription, and much more.

Check out our other apps here.

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