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Parents Daily News Roundup

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Ed VINCI Tab: Soft-sided Android-based tablet for toddlers
Feeling reluctant to hand that shiny new iPad over to junior? The VINCI Tab might be the answer – it’s an Android 2.3-based 7-inch tablet with a tempered-glass display and soft edges that’s been designed specifically for children of up to four years.

Hospitals need to do more to help moms breastfeed
Hospitals could and should do a lot more to help women succeed at breastfeeding, according to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Indiana parents with truant kids may face criminal charges
Parents of young children who don’t show up for school in Indiana’s capital may face criminal charges under a new program announced on Wednesday by Marion County Prosecutor Terry R. Curry.

Parents’ Conflicts Affect Adopted Infants’ Sleep
New parents often report sleep as being the most problematic of their child’s behavior. Neiderhiser and colleagues found that poor sleep patterns in children from ages 9 to 18 months are likely influenced by conflict in their parents’ marriage, the researchers report in the current issue of Child Development.

Franklin Township parents have to pay to bus kids to school
Amanda Adams just spent $220 to get her children to and from Kitley Elementary School — about 10 miles round trip — in August and September.

Foreclosed family camps in back yard
Imagine using a hose to brush your teeth and shower. Your shed is a closet, and you sleep in a tent in triple-digit temperatures.

Children Hit Hard by Economic Recession as ‘Kidflation’ Soars, Report Santander
The rate of inflation for goods and services most commonly bought by children has risen at a rate 68 per cent faster than inflation (RPI) as a whole over the past three years.

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Daily News Roundup

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Cyberbullying a Big Worry for Parents: Survey
Cyberbullying, which usually means one teen or group of teens taunting or spreading rumors about a peer online, has risen along with accessibility of the internet and the popularity of online social media such as Facebook.

Parents underestimate kids’ asthma symptoms
Parents of kids with asthma don’t always realize when their children’s treatment is inadequate, a new drugmaker-funded survey suggests.

Facebook Helps Parents Snoop, But Kids Are Fighting Back
Parents are increasingly using Facebook to keep tabs on their children, but a recent survey reports kids are catching on, in another example of how social media is part of the eternal cat-and-mouse game of child-rearing.

A Young Boy’s Murder Has Parents Second-Guessing Their Decisions
Kids can be very persuasive. That must have been the case with 8-year-old Leiby Kletzky, who talked his parents into letting him walk home alone on July 11 from his day camp in Brooklyn.

Children’s Book Uses iPad Interactivity to Teach Open Mindedness
When artist Raghava KK had two children, he decided it was time for a new approach to children’s books. That approach manifests itself in Pop It, a new children’s book for iPad that looks to teach open mindedness to toddlers.

Share of children hits record low in U.S.
Children now make up less of America’s population than ever before, even with a boost from immigrant families with higher children-to-adult ratios.

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New App Lets Baby Pick His Own Name

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

UntitledGrowing up I hated that my first name was hyphenated, and for good reason. From my 5-year-old perspective, it was long, weird, and difficult for anyone to get right. I would always tell my parents I wished I had a say in what they picked so I could have a normal name like everyone else. Now, fortunately for the unborn, there’s a new 99 cent iPhone app called “Kick to Pick” that gives your child a say from the womb…supposedly.

An expecting mom in her second trimester can put an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad up to her belly as the app scrolls through thousands of randomly generated names, which can also be organized by gender or favorites. The app is programmed to recognize any fetal movement so when the baby kicks, the scanning automatically stops on the “chosen” name (assuming that a kick means he or she likes it). It’s then up to the parents to decide whether they want to stick with the baby’s pick or continue scrolling for more options.

“Kick to Pick” seems pretty cool for some lighthearted fun or even a tiebreaker in the mom vs. dad name battle, but it does make me wary that kids will end up resenting their names even more when they find out they weren’t named after a family member, celebrity, or even a Twilight character. Nope–instead, they were named by an iPhone app.

–Maria-Nicole Marino

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Can Toddlers Learn to Read with an iPad?

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Apple iPad 2Stop feeling guilty the next time you hand over an iPad or iPhone to entertain your toddler — you may actually be helping him learn how to read. recently wrote about a new trend in ”toddler” apps, educational apps targeted to kids between 4 months to 3 year old, to help them learn earlier and faster.  One mom’s son started playing with an iPad at 9 months old, and now 5 months later, he recognizes letters and uses 75 apps.  Plus, since more toddlers are learning how to handle an iPhone and iPad, even Toys “R” Us is selling iPads and a kindergarten class in Maine will be getting their own iPads when school starts again.

However, another mom allowed her 3-year-old twins play with apps on an iPad, and while they recognized letters and numbers visually, they weren’t able to say or verbalize them.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that kids under 2 years old avoid watching TV or handling any electronics unless parents are making an effort to interact with their kids for teaching purposes.

The key, then, is interaction–kids still learn best through the human touch of good old-fashioned one-on-one teaching.  But are parents becoming too obsessed with forcing toddlers to be achievers at a young age, from getting them to read chapter books to enrolling them in sports classes to perfecting potty training techniques?

Would you give your child an iPad or iPhone if it would help him learn and read faster? And do you think parents are too obsessed with helping their kids become achievers?

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Download the Parents Magazine iPad App

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

To better cater our busy (and tech savvy) moms Parents has created an awesome iPad app! For only $2.99 per issue, read the entire magazine plus content exclusively  for the iPad such was videos, an interactive playroom and audio—that’s quite a deal.  Plus, without the hassle of the paper issue, that’s one less thing to put in your already overstuffed diaper bag.

Video: Adorable babies discuss the Parents app

Check out the best cheap (and free) apps for busy moms

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Daily News Roundup

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Breastfeeding Boosts Kids’ Brains
Australian researchers found that babies mainly breastfed for at least six months went on to score significantly higher in academic tests at the age of ten, especially boys. (Medical News Today)

Brain Scans Predict Dyslexia Improvements
cientists using brain scanning technologies say they have been able to predict with 90% accuracy which children with dyslexia will be able to improve reading skills over a period of a few years. Researchers say their findings reveal activity in specific brain regions during reading that could eventually lead to new treatments for people with dyslexia. (Web MD)

Phillip R Greaves II arrested for selling pedophile how-to book – video
Phillip Greaves, who wrote a book on how to molest children, was arrested at his Pueblo, Colorado home today for selling his book to a Florida police officer. (


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Daily News Roundup

Monday, November 1st, 2010

IPad opens world to a disabled boy: Owen Cain, seven years old, has suffered from a debilitating motor-neuron disease since infancy. By chance, Owen gravitated toward his nurse’s IPad and instantly was able to use it without complication.   This is the first device that has enabled Owen and many others disabled young ones to use actively without assistance. [New York Times]

Pregnancy less likely when dad is over weight: Dr. Zaher Merhi, New York, concluded that among couples using assisted reproductive technology the male’s weight does influence the outcome.  Every 5-unit increase in the father’s BMI was associated with a 28 percent decrease in the likelihood of clinical pregnancy. [ABC News]

Obama’s administration’s sex-ed program criticized by both sides of abstinence debate: After declining for years the teen pregnancy rate has increased again.  $110 million dollar campaign enacted on Obama’s behalf has been invested to support a range of safe sex programs through out the country. Obama has promised to put scientific evidence before political ideology. [Washington Post]

Train the brain: using neurofeedback to treat ADHD: Neurofeedback is an alternative type of therapy intended to keep the brain calm and focused.  Although it is still scientifically unproved, expensive, and time consuming there is growing evidence that it can help. [NPR]

Analyzing eggs and their genetic junk offers clues to fertility: Brown University researchers eventually hope to be able to analyze eggs’ mRNA to determine if it’s normal or abnormal. If something’s askew in a particular egg’s polar body, it could be a biologic clue indicating that egg isn’t likely to successfully fertilize. This could later lead to new forms of contraception and new ways of detecting prime eggs to fertilize. [Time]

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