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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

kidzui-homeParents no longer have to be concerned about kids accidentally stumbling across inappropriate content on the web.  Kidzui, the leading developer of award-winning Internet browsers for kids ages 3 to 12, is launching an upgraded browser: Kidzui K2.  Like the original Kidzui browser, K2 will provide kids a fun, educational, and secure way to surf the web, but it will be easier to download and navigate, have a faster load response time, be updated for PCs and Macs, and have no membership regulations.

All the web content and websites that are part of the K2 browser experience will be pre-approved by teachers and parents to increase search functionality and improve learning.  According to a representative at Kidzui, more new websites will be approved and added to K2 every month to “keep content fresh, engaging, and always safe for kids.”  K2 will also provide access to and, games and video sites developed by Kidzui.  Plus, parents can choose to monitor their children’s web activity by using parental controls and registering for weekly email reports.

So start hovering by your child whenever he’s on the computer and give yourself some peace of mind.

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