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Got a Cool Design Idea for a Ride-On Toy? Tell Radio Flyer!

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Did your kid get a ride-on toy for Christmas? They are top of mind over here because (spoiler alert) we’re building bikes for a page in our May issue of Parents. Also, I’ve talked to plenty of parents over the last few days who said that putting together their child’s new vehicle on Christmas Eve was a…um…challenge! You have to have some time and patience (and usually a love of Allen Wrenches) when building.

But I do love the ride-ons; Radio Flyer’s new Ziggle is one of our Best Toys of 2013. And I got some fun news this morning: Radio Flyer is searching for the next great ride-on toy idea. The contest is open to anyone who has a concept for a ride-on toy that hasn’t been seen before. You have between now and Monday, January 6th to enter your idea securely through the Edison Nation site. If Radio Flyer loves your idea, they may license it and make the toy (and you can change your name to Santa Claus). Goody luck!

Seeking the Best Toys of 2013
Seeking the Best Toys of 2013
Seeking the Best Toys of 2013

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