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Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

It’s a snow day here in New York City…super-rare for us, I can only remember my 11-year-old daughter having school called off a few times in her life. My kids ran right out to play, but it being 18 degrees, they didn’t last long. Now they’re inside and we’re looking at a three-day weekend that’s sure to include a lot of indoor time. 

Even if you’re not one of the 100 million people the weather forecasters say were hit by Hercules, you may still be out of creative things to do with your kids if they’re indoors this winter. Here’s a roundup of some of our best ideas!

Our 50 Ways to Play story, part of our October’s special creativity issue, includes short ideas to challenge your kids. Ask, “can you lie down and then get up without using your arms?” “If I blindfold you, will you know what food you’re tasting?” or “Can you play ‘mirror’ and mirror all of your brother or sister’s movements?” Click on the link for 47 more fun ideas!

Is your preschooler learning to write letters? We’ve got beginning handwriting videos that you can watch together. They’ll help you be more confident as you teach your child to write at home. May as well practice today…if not on paper, then maybe in shaving cream

If you feel like making something in the kitchen, these melting-snowman cookies feel appropriate! You can use refrigerated cookie dough to get to the fun decorating part fast.

Stuck inside with a baby who is not yet ready to be a sous-chef? We also have these 11 Fun Activities for When Winter Weather Traps You Indoors, aimed at little ones who have already burned through their usual toys by noon.

Finally, before you take the tree down, you might make one last ornament. These polar bear ornaments are adorable and will remind you, when you pull them out next December, of these crazy snow days!

Christmas Crafts: Polar Bear Ornaments
Christmas Crafts: Polar Bear Ornaments
Christmas Crafts: Polar Bear Ornaments

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