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Happy Thanksgiving from A to Z!

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Thanksgiving CraftWhen you sit down to the Thanksgiving feast, take a few moments to ponder the true spirit and meaning of Thanksgiving: the family, friends, food, and fellowship.

In-between preparing the roast turkey and the pumpkin pie, remember our resources for helping you have the best Thanksgiving ever:

  • What Are You Thankful For? – Our readers share stories of gratitude. 

  • The ABCs of Gratitude – An A to Z guide to giving thanks, from everything from best friends to popcorn.

  • Is the Food Done Yet? – 17 popular foods and how to tell when they’re fully cooked and ready for dinner.

  • Turkey Day Crafts for Kids – Keep the kids busy with these turkey-rific crafts.

  • 5 Ways to Give Thanks – Ideas to make this year’s dinner more meaningful.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Homemade Baby Food Rules

    Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

    Emily is now close to eight-months old, which of course means baby food! This is very exciting, as I am a foodie looney, and I've been looking forward to making our own. Besides all the great nutritional benefits from making fresh, delicious, preservative- and added-sugar-free foods, it also saves some serious scratch. (And with the dollar's value in a downward spiral, every little bit helps.) 

    Normally, I do my baby food making during my weekly kitchen prep on the weekends. I'll go to the supermarket and buy large quantities of whatever fruits or veggies that are on sale. Then, I'll peel, chop, steam, and purée. If I have a large enough quantity, I'll break out the Mason jars. If not, larger glorified ice cube trays get filled with baby food, which then gets frozen and bagged. 

    During the week, we barely have enough time after work to do anything other than put Emily to bed, eat, clean dishes, watch Important TV Shows, and pass out. But I do like mixing up the food the baby eats. We figure the more types of food she's exposed to, the better eater she'll become. 

    This is why I love one of my favorite baby shower gifts: The Beaba Babycook. I love this thing. I'll take a little of whatever ingredients I'm using for our meal and put it in the baby food maker. It steams the food, then purées it. Then, all I need to do is put it in a charming little plate, and hand it off to Danielle, who then feeds Emily Bear. Clean-up is pretty simple right after. The amount of additional time it takes to do this is negligible. 

    And, what's most important, Emily gets a nice home-cooked meal…and we save a few ducats. It's a win-win situation.
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