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Willow Smith: Too Young for a Pierced Tongue?

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

We’ve all grown accustomed to the daring style statements of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter, Willow. In the last year alone, the young celeb has been seen sporting sky-high platform shoes, bright green hair, and, as of late, a tongue piercing. Did we mention she’s only 11 years old?

The most recent cause of public uproar came when Willow instagrammed a picture of her and a friend proudly displaying their mouth piercings (there she is, at right). Turns out the piercing was a magnetic stud, but critics still questioned the Smiths’ lenient parenting style and its effect on their kids. In the past, Will has publicly defended his daughter’s choices, explaining that Willow is in control of her body and can decide what she does with it (including shaving her head). Though we’re all for nurturing a child’s independence, we can’t help but ask: When your child is 11, how much freedom is just too much?

It’s important to help your kid develop his individuality, even if that means occasionally giving in to his newfound “let me do it!” demands. Sure, allowing your youngster to wear his Halloween costume to the grocery store once is cute, but what if he insists on donning it every single day for a month? If you give in now, could that pave the way for a child to insist on hair dye or piercings (fake or otherwise) later? While we all want our children to learn to fly solo, we wonder where the line between self-sufficiency and complete autonomy lies, and how far parents are willing to go to let their kids feel independent.

If your child wanted to shave her head, dye her hair, or “pierce” her tongue, would you let her? Share your thoughts below!


Image: Willow Smith and friend via Webstagram

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