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Easy & Healthy Halloween Party Treats

Monday, October 31st, 2011

Even though I’m an editor at PARENTS where an incredible amount of clever and crafty things are made every day, I am not a crafty, DIY-sort of person. I didn’t even know what a glue gun was until I started working here a couple years ago! But I have to admit that being surrounded by all this creativity has inspired me!

Yesterday I threw a Halloween-birthday party for my kids (Grant, 3 and Madelyn, 5) complete with Halloween decor and food pulled from PARENTS. Here’s what I did and what you can do, too. It’s so easy you could even run out right now to the store and buy all the ingredients and make one of these fun treats or drinks tonight. (I admit doing all of them would take a while — I spent most of Saturday. But it was fun and we did have a blizzard so might as well!)

MUMMIES: These were pulled directly from the October issue of PARENTS. All you do is wrap white electrical tape around a juice box and add googly eyes. Just don’t cover up the straw hole!

PRETZEL BROOM STICKS: These are just thin strips of cheese stuck on pretzel sticks with a little cream cheese. I wrapped them with the ends of cooked scallions. But you can wrap them with whatever you can find.

TEETH: These are slices of apples with a notch cut out of the back side for the mouth and almond slivers jammed in for teeth. Just be sure to dip in lemon juice so your mouths don’t get brown!

FINGERS: My daughter was great at helping with these gory apps. I cut a flat edge off the top of each baby carrot for the nail base with a knife, then added a dab of cream cheese. Madelyn stuck almond slices on for nails. We served with hummus.

What gory treats do you plan to make for Halloween? Or already have? Share them with us!

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Happy Halloween!!

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