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Daily News Roundup

Friday, October 29th, 2010

GoodBlog imageThe tricky business of Halloween Sunday: But this Sunday, Oct. 31, matters are not quite so simple. Across the country, people are monkeying with the optimal day to dress up. [New York Times]

Mohammed tops list of English baby names: Last year’s most popular name for baby boys in England has been knocked off — by Mohammed. [CNN]

Dealing with tricky halloween requests: Gone are the days of pumpkin and bee costumes. Now, the bloodier the disguise, the better. And your kids would much rather trick-or-treat sans parents. Manage your cool ghoul-without being a witch. [CNN]

Orphaned baby found alive in storm drain after Indonesia tsunami: Meanwhile, 800 miles away on Indonesia’s main island of Java, a volcano that killed 33 people this week erupted five more times Friday, sending searing clouds of ash cascading down its slopes. The baby plucked from a storm drain was among dozens of injured survivors languishing in one sorely strapped hospital. [MSNBC]

Costume mishaps put the ‘Ow!’ in Halloween: In the past five years, at least 226 people have suffered costume-related injuries, according to reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission. At least five people died. [MSNBC]

Obese teens may be lacking in brain size, not willpower: A brain region in charge of controlling impulsively is smaller in obese teens than in lean ones, according to a new study.

First-time dads’ age tied to kids’ schizophrenia risk: Men who are relatively older at their first child’s birth may be more likely than younger first-time dads to have a child who eventually develops schizophrenia, hint results of a large Danish study. [Fox News]

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