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Give Your Kids Great Hair for Photos

Monday, December 15th, 2014

*guest written by Cozy Friedman, founder of the new SoCozy Professional Hair Care Collection for Children and Cozy’s Cuts for Kids. The New York City salons are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. 

These hairstyling do’s and don’ts to give your little one the best shot at the cutest school photo ever, and are equally good for holiday photos.

DO shampoo your kid’s hair the night before and use a leave-in conditioner (like the SoCozy Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner) to enhance curls, smooth hair, and add body and shine. If hair is dry, flat, or full of static in the morning, spray it with a bit of water and a little more leave-in conditioner.

DON’T get a haircut the day before picture day. Ideally, schedule your appointment one to two weeks before. Hair will look more natural and any uneven areas can be corrected in time.

DO try to capture your kid’s everyday look, so that when you look back in thirty years, it’s a true representation. Nothing too fancy!

DON’T forget that school-picture day is a regular school day and not a private studio session. Keep your kid’s hairstyle simple and you’re more likely to end up with a photo everybody likes. For girls, that means no bows or hair clips.

DO use a light styling cream, such as the SoCozy Behave Styling Cream, or alcohol-free styling gel in the morning to hold a neat, smooth style that doesn’t look stiff or slick. But keep in mind the rule for styling products is the same for school glue: A little dab will do ya!

Are you a little too compulsive with your own photo-taking? Watch this video before the holidays!

Must-Knows On Tech and Child Development: Take Fewer Photos!
Must-Knows On Tech and Child Development: Take Fewer Photos!
Must-Knows On Tech and Child Development: Take Fewer Photos!

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The Hottest Hair Trend for Holiday 2014

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

We’re guessing Frozen has something to do with it: Braids continue to reign supreme! We love this trend for girls big and small because braids look fancier than ponytails, but work just as well to keep the hair off your face. And even if you don’t have a lot of length, you can still find a style that works. Take, for example, this short and sweet look shown on Stroller in the City mommy blogger Brianne Manz’s 3-year-old daughter, Siella. I met both of them when I hosted the Johnson’s No More Tangles Seasonal Celebrations Hair Workshop .

Need more inspiration? The beauty feature in the December 2014 issue of Parents is dedicated to fairy-tale-inspired hairstyles with a grown-up twist, including this one we’re calling The Spellbinding Side Braid. It’s a french braid on top and a fishtail on the bottom. Sounds complicated, but our associate photo editor (and resident hair model), Michele, will help you get a handle on it with this video. Cheers to gorgeous holiday hair!

Get Fairytale Hair: How to Do a French and Fishtail Braid
Get Fairytale Hair: How to Do a French and Fishtail Braid
Get Fairytale Hair: How to Do a French and Fishtail Braid

Young woman with beautiful hairstyle, isolated on white via

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A Sweet Heart Braid for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Your child will fall in love with this hairstyle, perfect for Valentine’s Day–a heart braid!

I came across this very sweet and unique braid in a new book, “Cozy’s Complete Guide to Girls’ Hair: The Cutest Cuts and Sweetest Hairstyles to Do at Home” by Cozy Friedman.  Cozy Friedman is the experienced hairstylist and owner of Cozy’s Cuts for Kids hair salons in New York City, salons that are just for kids.  As a mother of two, Cozy also has a line of hair products, So Cozy Hair Care for Children

Her book is a comprehensive guide to hair, with explainers on hair types to recommendations for hairstyling tools and products  to solutions for hair emergencies (gum, green hair, and lice).  There are also chapters devoted to everday and special occasion hairstyles.

The heart braid is perfect for girls with medium to long hair of different hair types–straight, wavy, or curly.  For moms who are experienced braiders, this hairstyle should take 15 minutes, and requires only combs, hair clips, and ponytail holders.  You can check out step-by-step instructions for creating the heart braid on Cozy’s site.   An upcoming slideshow on will also feature step-by-step instructions for creating another hairstyle, the Ballerina Chignon. 

Happy Heart Day!

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