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Gilles Marini: “I Want To Raise Beautiful Minds & Kind Kids”

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Switched At Birth actor Gilles Marini and his wife Carole recently did a beautiful makeover on their Idyllwild cabin with World Market.

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Gilles to talk about his favorite things to do outside Hollywood, why being green is important, and life at the cabin with wife Carole and their two children Juliana, 7, and Georges, 15.

CBS: Tell us about your recent makeover of your Idyllwild cabin with World Market. What inspired the look?

GM: “Our global travels inspired the look and feel of our cabin. My wife and I shop at World Market regularly for everything from home décor and furniture, to foods you can’t find anywhere else — a lot of the things they carry remind us of all the wonderful countries we’ve traveled to through the years.  The store’s style matches our taste perfectly, so when we started to think about decorating our cabin house, we first looked at World Market. Luckily, we found what we wanted there– they have a lot of colorful options and the prices were great. We’re so happy with how the cabin turned out!”

CBS: Where did you find the pieces and inspiration?

GM: “I’ve been going to World Market for a long time and always liked the relaxed, peaceful look of the furniture and other unique items. The main inspiration was eco, peaceful, and woodsy.”

CBS: We hear it’s an eco-friendly cabin — even solar powered! Tell us all about the green components — and tell us why this was important to you.

GM: “It’s simple. We live in a time where the next endangered species is really us by killing off our beautiful planet. There is pollution due to our ignorance and fires and reactions from Mother Earth, such as huge nature catastrophes like hurricanes. We need to change today or else there will be no tomorrow. I have kids and what are we going to leave behind? I must be proactive and show everyone around me that we can do little things and heal this world one act at the time. It is solar-powered and I have my natural water source, a composting toilet, and every single drop of water used is sent back into the forest. We are 100% independent up there at the cabin. I am loving it.”

CBS: How often do you travel up to the cabin?

GM: “Every time I have more than 24 hours off from work.”

CBS: What do you and your family love about being up there?

GM: “Hiking, working on the house, playing by the creek, and building things out of the dead woods. We also go fishing in general and we do a lot of outdoor activities. The kids and everyone that comes absolutely love it.”

CBS: Do you ‘unplug’ from mobile devices and enjoy quality family time up there?

GM: “We have no choice, as there is no reception. But to be fair, we do have a hot spot that works great up there and we can get online access. We sometimes end up watching movies on the movie screen, streaming Netflix and such. So the kids love the nature life and can always go have a bit of their electronic life, but somehow they do not crave it as much as they do in Los Angeles. It’s funny.”

CBS: How are your two kids doing? What are they into these days?

GM: “My kids are doing great. My son Georges is doing well at Notre Dame high school. We got so lucky to be part of such an amazing school. He loves it. My daughter is in the second grade and I am gaga for her. She is such a super smart, beautiful little girl. I am so in love. She plays the piano, dances, does Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and more. She is so active and I definitely know that she can only be my daughter.” [laughs]

CBS: It looks like your son is taller than you now?

GM: “Not yet. He is about 5’9 ish, and I have a bet with him that if he gets taller than me by the time he is sixteen, then he can ask for anything. That is a mind trick, because it forces him to eat, sleep, and stretch every day. By the way–I know he won’t be as tall as me by the time he is sixteen, so it’s a calculated bet.” [laughs]

CBS: Do you feel that time flies once you’re a parent?

GM: “Life flies in general, and I think being a parent just makes it sweeter and more meaningful. Getting older is a privilege that many don’t ever experience, so I truly enjoy and cherish every moment.”

CBS: What’s your favorite way to spend Father’s Day?

GM: “With them and their friends. Life is about celebrating, teaching what you know or can teach, legacy, and what you will leave behind. I want to raise beautiful minds and kind kids, so let’s hope I am doing a good job at it.”

CBS: What projects are you working on right now? And what’s up next for you?

GM: “I wish I was allowed to answer that. I am working on Switched At Birth and something is coming up in my agenda very soon. I like to thrive in my job, to feel deeply connected with my character, and make people at home happy to have watched either the show or the movie I’m in. A lot of projects are coming up, so stay tuned for sure.”

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Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy
Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy
Kids Talk about Loving their Daddy

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Jessica Alba on Practicing Eco-Friendly Habits With Her Daughters

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

This post was written by our friends at Celebrity Baby Scoop.

Honestly, she’s one of our favorite celebrity moms. From her chic sense of style, to her hands-on playdates at the park, to her eco-friendly business, we can’t get enough of Jessica Alba. After creating The Honest Company last year, the mom-of-two is now joining forces with zulily to share her safe and sustainable products with a new audience.

Jessica opens up to CelebrityBabyScoop about her daughters Honor, 4, and Haven, 1, who “like to play, explore, get messy, and are creative.” She goes on to talk about modeling eco-friendly habits for the girls, her book that will hit shelves in March, and her upcoming film that she can’t wait to take Honor and her friends to see.

CBS: We hear The Honest Company has joined forces with zulily. Tell us all about the new partnership.
JA: The Honest Company and zulily both believe in simplifying families’ busy lives by bringing them affordable, stylish, and trusted products every day. Our companies also support using business for social good and are committed to giving back to families in need. So, I knew working together would be a great extension of our Honest mission.

Because zulily is about helping moms discover new brands and products, we’re excited to reach this new audience, share our safe and effective eco-friendly products with them, and grow our communities together.

CBS: How are your daughters doing? What are they into these days? What do they do to make you laugh?
JA: Every day with my girls is a dream and just hanging out with them is the best thing ever. They’re happy and healthy 1- and 4-year-olds who like to play, explore, get messy, and are creative. And since they’re typical kiddos, they’re bound to make me laugh.

CBS: What are some of the ways you get your girls to be eco-friendly? What are some tips in teaching our kids to love our environment?
JA: First and foremost, we try to model and practice eco-friendly habits for the girls. Otherwise, we talk to them about being mindful and explain that things can be turned into something else one day. This can be as simple as teaching them about recyclables and showing how to sort bottles and cans from trash.

We also do a lot of DIY crafts like using cardboard boxes to make airplanes and dollhouses—our creative playtime together similarly shows the girls about repurposing old items.

Involving children in gardening and cooking is another great way to inspire eco-friendly living. Caring for the plants in our herb wall garden helps Honor understand the steps to growing food (including patience!), how it ultimately lands on her plate, and about being a good steward of the planet.

Honor is also a great sous chef when we’re in the kitchen, so being a part of the dinner process encourages her to eat the foods she grows and develops her taste for fresh ingredients. Hopefully, this lays the foundation for children to prioritize their health and that of the planet.

CBS: What’s up next for you?
JA: I’m very excited to publish my first book The Honest Life this March! It’s a colorful how-to guidebook for people who want to make a healthy and non-toxic home without giving up the fun fashionable things. I hope people will be inspired to make the ideas their own and find what works for them.

Also, I’m looking forward to taking Honor and her friends to see my upcoming animated film Escape from Planet Earth because it’s really a sweet story. I had a lot of fun working on this film—it was great to play the nemesis since I don’t often get to play that role.

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