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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a New Graco SnugRide 40!

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Welcome to the first of about a month of weekly giveaways tied to our 2012 American Baby Bests Awards! Each year we ask parents on this Web site, and on the American Baby Facebook page, what products they can’t live without. We tally up their votes and run extra polls and come up with 20 award-winners.

I’ve been doing this contest for a dozen years now, and I can tell you, there are some products that just always win. The Graco SnugRide is one of those. This year we tried to poll exactly how many parents are using this gold-standard infant seat, and the number we got is 38 percent. That means that about four out of ten cars traveling around with an infant onboard have a SnugRide in the back seat. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual number is even a little higher!)

The BIG news from Graco is that the SnugRide is now…bigger. They just released the Snugride 40, which can keep your baby rear-facing up to age 2, the age now recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Moms tell us they love Snugride seats because they fit an infant so well (babies don’t look “lost” in one), and it’s also easy to click them in and out of the car-seat base. The car seats also fit onto most strollers, making transporting your baby really easy.  

As part of their rollout of the new car seat (full name: SnugRide Click Connect 40), and in celebration of their Bests Award win, Graco is letting us give two seats away! Each car seat is worth about $220, so be sure to leave a comment below, up to one a day, to be eligible. You can leave a daily comment between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, September 26th. We’ll randomly pick a winner on or about September 27th. Read the official rules here.

Check back next Thursday (and the Thursday after that!) for more Bests giveaways! Here I am on the Today Show talking about a few of the winners. I promise I’ll be giving away more of the items you see on this segment. Goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Pack ‘n Play!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Super useful!

This sweet Pack ‘n Play is sitting here next to me and bringing back so many memories. Mostly I think of traveling, and how I took my first child, Grace, on probably a trip a month during her first two years of life. Our Pack ‘n Play saw a lot of use! It came as a shock when she turned 2 and cost a full plane ticket. That slowed our travel for sure. Then her brother was born and we were really grounded. But I still kept a Pack ‘n Play at Neenup’s house (you have to visit grandma!) and at Madama’s house (you have to visit both grandmas!). As a travel crib, the thing is a lifesaver.

The one shown here, the newest collaboration between Graco and Disney Baby, is especially tricked-out. It’s Minnie-Moused themed, but not with Minnie all over it or anything. It’s just inspired by Minnie’s girlishness, with flowers and such. I’ve gone on before about my family’s love for Disney, so I won’t go into it now, I’ll just take the opportunity to post a picture of my own Minnie!

My favorite Minnie!

Back to the Pack ‘n Play: It’s got a changing pad and bassinet built in. This makes it a portable nursery. Seriously. It can be a second nursery setup in your living room, or be pretty much all you need in your baby’s bedroom until she’s ready to graduate to a crib. (Side note: My coworker next to me kept her son in a Pack ‘n Play until he was 18 months old, so I’m just saying, you can make one of these your baby’s sleepspot for quite a while!)

Readers who vote in our American Baby Bests contest love the Pack ‘n Play; most use it as the changer and as a playpen in some area of the house aside from the nursery, so they’re not always running back in forth to their baby’s room. And hey, if you love this or any baby product and want to tell new moms, please vote at our polls right here! They’re fun, I promise you.

And good news: Graco and Disney will mail this same $220 Pack ‘n Play Premiere (or I’m sure they could substitute some boy-appropriate gear if necessary!) to one lucky person who leaves a comment at this post between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, May 16.  That’s right, we’re running this contest over Mother’s Day! And as a salute to all mommies or mommies-to-be, I’m linking to Disney’s tear-inducing tribute to moms here. (Or am I the only person who cries when I see Dumbo’s mom?!)

Leave a comment, as many as one a day. Maybe tell me who your favorite Disney mom character is! (There aren’t a whole ton to choose from, right? But the mom in the Mary Poppins movie cracks me up, personally.) Read the Official Rules here. And as always, goody luck!

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American Baby’s Baby Booty: (Sweet)Peace in the New Year!

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Graco's SweetPeace

I may be a little obsessed with places to sit a baby. Last week I sang the praises of the Baby Bjorn Babysitter; this week, I’m on to the Graco SweetPeace. Let me unleash my baby-gear geekdom for a minute! Graco invented the baby swing way-back-when; it was inspired by a mom who soothed her baby while sitting on a glider swing in her backyard. (You can read the story here, along with a fact I love: That the son of the swing inventor dreamed up the Pack ‘n Play!) Baby swings have been tweaked over the years and made better; now the popular Fisher-Price cradle swings win one of our readers’-choice awards, the American Baby Bests, every year.

So what is the SweetPeace? It’s a fairly advanced soothing device for that first difficult half-year. Unlike any regular baby swing, the seat is superadjustable: You can recline it, or move it to face a different direction. You can even take the seat off and put in a Graco car seat if your baby prefers to sit in that. It comes with plenty of sounds, even white noise, but if you or your baby doesn’t like them, you can plug in your MP3 player and play anything you want. Oh and you can plug in the whole SweetPeace; you don’t have to run it on batteries. And of course you can set different swinging speeds.

The SweetPeace didn’t exist when my babies were tiny, so I’m sort of jealous of parents who have it now. It’s a swing, but maybe better than a swing, because it more closely mimics a parent’s natural rocking motion. It’s almost a whole new category of baby gear. It costs about $180, but I’m able to give one away here, thanks to Graco! So post a comment; how about you tell us what helps to calm your baby, if you’re a new parent? And if you’re pregnant, tell me where you’re making your baby registry (because I’m currently working on the mother of all registry guides). One lucky poster will win the SweetPeace; the full rules are here. You have through Wednesday, January 4th to comment. Goody luck!

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Daily News Roundup

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

4 infant deaths prompt Graco stroller recall: Baby gear maker Graco is recalling about 2 million strollers after receiving reports that four infants died in the strollers. [MSNBC]

Teen pregnancy needs to be de-glamorized, experts say: Teenagers sporting baby bumps aren’t hard to find, with three of every 10 American girls becoming pregnant by the age of 20. But national health experts are optimistic that a 20-year downward trend in teen pregnancies can be continued with consistent legislative and parental support. [MSNBC]

For family of high-achieving kids, only one holds the keys to college: Javier, an undocumented 17-year-old honor student, applied to Georgia State University. The same day, he learned the school would not accept illegal immigrants. Meanwhile, his 10-year-old sister Emily will have an easier time because she is documented. [CNN]

Fish oil doesn’t benefit new moms, babies: Women who take fish-oil supplements during pregnancy are just as likely to experience postpartum depression as those who don’t, and their babies’ minds don’t appear to develop more quickly, according to a new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association. [CNN]

Family therapy for eating disorders: Parents often feel helpless in their efforts to cure a child of an eating disorder. Now new research shows a family-based therapy program may be the solution. The method, reports Roni Rabin in today’s Science Times, is not only more effective than adolescent-focused individual therapy but keeps working even after the treatment ends. [Well Blog/New York Times]

Becoming a spiritual parent: Annie Burnside is a mom, a wife, an author and a teacher. But the role she’s talking about most these days is “soul nurturer.”
“A soul nurturer is someone who offers spiritual support,” says Burnside, author of “Soul to Soul Parenting: A Guide to Raising a Spiritually Conscious Family.” “I want to help people look more closely at their interior and balance it with the external world.” [Chicago Tribune]

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