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The Science of Waking Up

Monday, August 11th, 2008

This watch has a super power. It’s designed to make waking up in the morning (or middle of the night, depending on your kids’ ages) easier. You program the alarm with a time frame when it would be good for you to get up. Then the SleepTracker uses a special motion detector to set off the alarm at the moment in that range when your sleep cycle is at its lightest. The idea is that you were almost awake anyway. So you’ll open your eyes feeling refreshed, not groggy. With the newest model, the SleepTracker Pro, serious insomniacs can upload and track your data to see what factors are influencing your sleep. Although, lots of you already know what those factors are and just want to be alert enough to avoid tripping over their toys some mornings. The only drawback: it’s pricey ($149 to $179). Have any sleep-deprived gadget-lovers tried this already?

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Armor for Ears

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Outdoor concert season in Brooklyn is definitely a family affair. However, the venue I went to this weekend was louder than most. Just as I was beginning to fret over the eardrums of the cute kids sitting nearby, their parents unpacked kids’ hearing protection earmuffs from Peltor, which are made to reduce loud noise by 20 decibels, without blocking other ambient sound. The kids wore them with no complaints and seemed much happier for it. I wondered if they could sense the relief of all the surrounding adults. Truthfully though, I think they just liked the bright colors their earmuffs came in.

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Cool Talking Clock

Monday, July 28th, 2008

In the wake of Wall-E, your kids will be way into the Teach Me Time! Clock, and you will, too. This robot-esque timekeeper, featured on, plays a talking game with your kids that teaches them to tell time. For you, it has a special "Ok to Wake" alarm. That means it glows yellow during the night (this nightlight feature can be disabled) and will turn green when it’s okay for the kids to get out of bed, hopefully sometime after 5 a.m. Best of all, when they eventually hit the stage where you have to drag them out of bed, it switches to a "grown up" alarm clock, complete with snooze.

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Flower Power

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Wishingfish1_2013_28619 I love this "cool" idea! Staying sweat-free has never been so pretty with these battery- powered Flower Fans from WishingFish. Use it as a handheld fan for some relief from the heat while watching your kids’ soccer game, or pop it into its base and place it on your desk to give you a nice breeze while doing those bills. And don’t worry about letting your hot and cranky kid use it- the soft foam blades won’t hurt their little fingers!

During the summer, how do you keep your kids cool on the go?

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Pigging Out

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

DisplayimageIt’s time to retire that antiquated slot-in-the-back piggy bank—there’s a new hog in town. And this one moves. And oinks too.

Check this out—when you place a coin in the Hungry Bank‘s mouth, it’s detected by a built-in
motion sensor. The precious piglet begins to chew and
swallow your cash into it’s savings belly. And of course, it oinks and snorts
while munching away. Wanna see the pig in action? Click here. This would no doubt encourage your kids to save their coins away for a rainy day.

The Hungry Bank is available for sale here. Thanks to This Next for the link!

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A Kinder Period (Kinder to the Earth, At Least)

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

Obcases_2There’s nothing cute about getting your period (unless your definition of cute includes zits and bloating), but o.b.’s new tampon carry case definitely is. And if you don’t happen to be a fan of applicator-less tampons, there’s good reason to convert (other than being able to use this teeny, recyclable case): They create 58 percent less waste than applicator tampons. It even takes fewer trucks to ship applicator-less tampons to stores. Head to now and nab a free case (just in time for Earth Day!); they’ll also be available at Wal-Mart in May and Rite Aid beginning in June. And don’t forget to enter to win a Toyota Prius while you’re on the site!

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Clip With Caution

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Baby_light_clip_2_2What’s worse? Holding your squirming baby down while you try to trim her nails without removing the top half of her pinkie, or dealing with claw marks from unclipped nails? Now one of them doesn’t have to be so painful…for you or your little one. Baby Light and Clip makes the job super simple by illuminating under your child’s fingernail (great for sneaking into her room at night to trim while she’s asleep) and has a safety guard to prevent the  fingertip from being snipped by the clipper blades. But it gets better… the clipping tray avoids messy clean ups, and a comfort control handle gives you a non-slip grip. Yay for keeping little fingers intact!

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No More Broken Dishes

Monday, March 10th, 2008

Family dinner hour is always a bit frenzied, so by the time you’re
ready to wash the dishes, your powers of concentration and coordination
probably aren’t at their peak. And if you’re pretty clumsy to begin
with (as I am), you end up chipping and dropping all the delicate stuff
you couldn’t put in the dishwasher. So before I destroy all the
glassware I own, I’m going to try out these Grab & Dry Gloves from Wishing Fish
($14.95). Yes, these giant white gloves will make me look like Mickey
Mouse, but I’ll gladly resemble a half-dressed Disney character if it
means I can keep all my kitchen gear in one piece.

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