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Ultra-Hip Ultrasound

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

Screen-capture-11 As if seeing your baby in utero isn't thrilling enough, now there's a way to trick out your ultrasound.

Yes, it's true you can download the iPhone app called Pimp My Ultrasound to give your unborn child stylish headgear like bows, football helmets or santa hats, accessories such as sunglasses, a guitar, or a credit card, and then embellish with text bubbles and picture frames.

No, this should not be your first priority when viewing your ultrasound, but it makes for a good giggle. And it not all just fun and games, they donate 5% of their profits to charities that work with babies in need.

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High-Tech Stress Relief

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Okay, so telling you about a really cool gadget that you can’t afford right now is probably not the best way to get your heart rate down, but it’s really cool.  And I can’t resist a good gadget. The emWave Personal Stress Reliever is a sleek little hand held heart rhythm/ stress monitor that comes with a program to help you use it as a tool for managing said stress. It’s already in medical centers like Duke and Stanford to help patients reduce anxiety. Of course, if anxiety is really getting to you, (and who isn’t it getting to these days), see your doc before you spend $200 on something that requires the reading of directions. Also, make sure there’s not already an iPhone app out there that’s doing the same thing (I bet we only have to wait for the next generation of iPhone for it to double as a heart-rate monitor). Those apps (like this unrelated but really useful one) are seriously amazing.

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This Clock Lays Eggs

Monday, November 24th, 2008

I’m on a never ending mission to become a pleasant morning person. Maybe this chicken clock can do the trick. When the alarm goes off, five eggs drop into the mini-basket. The only way to turn it off is to place all five back in the top of the chicken. Yes, it comes with an extra egg.
Has anyone tried a gadgety alarm clock like this? I know there are runaway clocks and puzzle clocks out there too. But I feel like I’d be less likely to actually get angry at this one. It’s too cute.

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Padlock Prose

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I’m finally going to the gym before work. Never mind that it began as my only shower option when the hot water in my apartment disappeared for a week. I’m doing it.
But one lasting problem for foggy-brained, gym going, morning me is using a padlock for my locker. Between my three email accounts, social networking sites and various photo sharing capabilities, my brain cannot possible bear a password made up of all numbers, especially before 8 AM.
So last week I tested out the wonderful Word-Lock. It’s a heavy-duty padlock that can be opened with an easy-to-remember word of your choosing. They even give you a long list of ideas, so no creativity required. It’s an amazingly simple little tool that I’ve come to appreciate almost as much as hot water.

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Cleaner Keyboard

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I just got over my first killer cold of the season. And if you’re like me, right after a bug like this one, you get the urge to clean everything in sight. As soon as I was back in the office I wiped my workspace down with an antibacterial cloth, but what I really wanted was to take a sudsy sponge to everything on my desk, including my keyboard. I resisted. I doubt IT would have been very happy with me had I caved. But my clean craving did lead me to Unotron, makers of washable keyboards, mice and smart card readers. Their latest product, the SpillSeal washable antibacterial keyboard, can be fully cleaned with soap under running water. It’s recommended for health care office settings; which probably makes it reasonably useful in houses inhabited by germy preschoolers. Plus, spills, crumbs and general gooeyness won’t ruin it. They have wireless versions too. I’m sold.

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Computer Booster

Monday, September 15th, 2008

KidDesktop has come up with a delightfully simple computer program for
little kids. When your child signs on, she’ll get her own bright
screen, customized by you. She won’t be able to access (or delete) any
important documents or inappropriate websites, even by accident. You
decide ahead of time which websites she can visit, pictures she can see
and games she (and you) can play.
even a one-click photo upload capability (I can see this feature
turning the tables a bit—you using the kids’ easy photo program to
quickly upload and view the weekend’s pics).
But the biggest perk
for you is probably the timer. You set it, and an icon at the top of
the screen keeps track. For kids, the start screen and tool bar are
completely icon-driven and include spoken help, to make it easy for
even non-reading preschoolers. With that, the recommended age range is
3 and up.
So how old do you think kids should be before getting
computer time? Also, would you prefer something like this, that doesn’t
need too much direct intervention, or would you rather stick to web
sessions where you’re more actively involved?

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Baby Surveillance

Monday, August 25th, 2008

Specs for the Portable Color LCD Digital Wireless Monitoring System from closed circuit TV company, Lorex, came across my desk with the heading “Taking ‘Baby Monitor’ to the Next Level.” Not one to back down from a new level, I read on.
With it, (and for a decent chunk of change) you can view from one to four secure wireless cameras on one base, meaning you can watch more than one child or part of the house at the same time. This is a growing trend with baby monitors and, it seems, a practical way to keep an eye on multiple kids at night.
The Lorex model can also be set up outdoors. So, I thought, does it come with a loudspeaker? As in, “Get OUT of the shed. I can see you!”
It does not have a loudspeaker. It does have high sound quality, no interference from other electronics, an automatic on/off function that corresponds with its ability to sense movement, a remote nightlight switch, a rechargeable battery, and nightvision. Oh, and the monitor can be hooked up to your TV.
In other words, this is serious surveillance. And it begs the question: Is this type of technology a busy parent’s dream come true, or a little too Big Brother

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iPhone’s New Frontier: Breastfeeding

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Attention breastfeeding, record-keeping, iPhone enthusiasts. There is now an iPhone/ iPod touch App made especially for you. With a few taps, Baby Tracker: Nursing remembers when your baby was last nursed, which side she nursed from and for how long. Some early reviewers on iTunes point out that this could be an advanced form of parenting overkill. But if you’re already planning to keep a detailed log and you love using your iPhone, it seems like a handy way to combine the two. I call it iFeeding.

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