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Spice Up Your Workout

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

_MG_3547If your same ol’ workout is starting to wear on you, try stealing some time with your kid’s Playstation and pop in Get Fit with Mel B, the new total fitness program from enviably fit former Spice Girl Melanie Brown. The technology puts you on screen next to Mel B for interactive exercises like yoga and kick boxing. She’ll make you sweat, but you’ll have fun doing it! We caught up with the mom of two to chat about making working out work when you’re a parent.

You’re so busy. How do you make exercise fit into your life? My workout is my “me time,” so every or every other day I schedule in an hour of exercise. It’s all about being able to juggle being a mom and work, and exercising makes that possible because it helps clear my mind. But if I’m in a time crunch, I’ll run or do abs. It’s quick and effective.

What exercise advice do you have for busy moms? Take your baby with you when you work out. Put him in a stroller and go for a walk that has some hills. The biggest thing is getting yourself motivated. Getting to the gym is often the hardest part!

Your kids are lucky to have a health-conscious mom as a role model. What sort of live-healthy tips do you try to pass on to them? Everything in moderation. On the weekends we eat what we want. We’ll have a movie night with popcorn and pizza, because you have to be realistic; you’re not going to never have that burger or pizza. But then during the week it’s healthy eating. The kids are in the kitchen helping us cook–whether it’s quinoa or chicken–and they’ll prepare the veggies or put on the herbs and spices, so it makes the meal more exciting for them. And we ‘ll go on hikes together too.

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