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Two New Recalls: Graco Strollers and Dorel Asia Cribs

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

R_Icon.lowThe Consumer Product Safety Commission announced two huge new recalls today. We’ve got the details:

Graco Strollers: 1.5 million strollers and travel systems—including the Passage, Alano, and Spree—were recalled because the hinges on the stroller’s canopy can lacerate or amputate a child’s finger during opening or closing. (Graco received 5 reports of amputations and 2 reports of lacerations.) Graco manufactured two different types of hinges for these models, and only the ones that have positioning notches are included in the recall.  (Click here for hinge images.) The strollers were sold from October 2004 to December 2009. Go to or call 800-345-4109 to see whether your stroller is included and to order a free protective cover repair kit. Stop using your stroller until you’ve completed the repair.

Dorel Asia Cribs: 635,000 cribs were recalled because of suffocation and strangulation hazards. The drop side can detach from the cribs and create a space in which a child can become entrapped and suffocate or strangle. In addition, the slats can break and a child can become entrapped and strangle. The cribs were sold from January 2005 to December 2009. Go to or call 866-762-2304 to see if your crib is included in the recall and to receive a free replacement kit.

Use our searchable recall database to check up on your other kids’ products.

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Group Gifting Made Easy

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

2332323845_7da04fefc2 As summer approaches, it’s time for Moms to start thinking about end-of-school-year gifts for the teachers, coaches, and day care providers who’ve played such pivotal roles in their kids’ lives. In this economy, the most sensible option for most families is to go in together on a group gift—but who wants to be the one stuck chasing down other Moms at the playground to get them to pay their share?

Well, thanks to a new website,, no one has to take on that thankless task. eDivvy allows an organizer to quickly set up a gift event by selecting a gift on the site (choose from thousands of great items from top retailers like Macy’s, the Apple Store, Sur La Table and more) and then inviting others to pitch in by adding in their email addresses. Invitees can then choose the amount they want to contribute, then safely and securely charge that to a credit card. (The organizer can also check in throughout the process and send gentle reminders if need be.) Once the gift total is reached, it’s sent directly to the recipient—along with a virtual gift card signed by all the contributors. Easy—and no fronting the bill required!

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My Aching Back

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

BabyCarrierMy daughter was a real shrimp when she was born. Six pounds 12 ounces and dropped down to 5 pounds something before slowly gaining it back. She never got those great baby thighs that you want to bite into. She was always a skinny mini. The great thing was she was easy to transport. I had a Bijorn and it suited us just fine. But when I had my son Grant in November, he was 8 pounds at birth and got bigger fast. The Bijorn would make my shoulders ache just after a trip to the doctor's and back (about 20 minutes each way). Anyway. I now use an ergo and love it. It doesn't put the strain on your shoulders like the Bijorn; the weight rests on your hips. (It's even better as a backpack when the kid gets to be about six months.) But this weekend I tried out a new carrier called the FreeHand Baby
. It's one of those wrap-around types that have big long straps that wrap all around and cross in the back. So even though I've had it for four weeks I never got around to using it because it was just too intimidating. Then my neighbor, Amie, who is a connoisseur of baby carriers (she got me onto the ergo), showed me how to do it. It was surprisingly comfy. Even more comfy than the ergo. It somehow distributes the weight so it's more in the center of your back. And it's very light, essentially a piece of cloth. Grant was happy in it and seemed to like chewing on the cloth. Here's a picture of us in it. The only trouble is I have to go over to Amie's every time I want to wear it (there's no way my husband will be able to figure it out!).

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Racing Stripes

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

It's not especially practical (who wants to let their kids tape up the house?) but I just love the idea of this Autobahn tape from Up To You in Toronto. Super-fun.

(Found via notcot.)

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Homemade Baby Food Rules

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Emily is now close to eight-months old, which of course means baby food! This is very exciting, as I am a foodie looney, and I've been looking forward to making our own. Besides all the great nutritional benefits from making fresh, delicious, preservative- and added-sugar-free foods, it also saves some serious scratch. (And with the dollar's value in a downward spiral, every little bit helps.) 

Normally, I do my baby food making during my weekly kitchen prep on the weekends. I'll go to the supermarket and buy large quantities of whatever fruits or veggies that are on sale. Then, I'll peel, chop, steam, and purée. If I have a large enough quantity, I'll break out the Mason jars. If not, larger glorified ice cube trays get filled with baby food, which then gets frozen and bagged. 

During the week, we barely have enough time after work to do anything other than put Emily to bed, eat, clean dishes, watch Important TV Shows, and pass out. But I do like mixing up the food the baby eats. We figure the more types of food she's exposed to, the better eater she'll become. 

This is why I love one of my favorite baby shower gifts: The Beaba Babycook. I love this thing. I'll take a little of whatever ingredients I'm using for our meal and put it in the baby food maker. It steams the food, then purées it. Then, all I need to do is put it in a charming little plate, and hand it off to Danielle, who then feeds Emily Bear. Clean-up is pretty simple right after. The amount of additional time it takes to do this is negligible. 

And, what's most important, Emily gets a nice home-cooked meal…and we save a few ducats. It's a win-win situation.
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Spankin’ New Headlines

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

News Image NEW
Why your child might not actually be allergic to the foods your doctor told you to avoid. New York Times

President Obama signed the State Children’s Health Insurance Program bill into law, which will guarantee insurance for an additional 3.5 million kids. Yahoo! News

Potential use of your smartphone—putting your baby to sleep. Washington Post

Forget waiting to develop a career—women are having babies younger, according to new data. Wall Street Journal

Why do 85 to 90 percent of Americans fail to pay taxes on nannies and other household help? New York Daily News

Tweens are a hot target for retailers and marketers, and now they may be even bigger, thanks to Malia and Sasha. USA Today

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Padlock Prose

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

I’m finally going to the gym before work. Never mind that it began as my only shower option when the hot water in my apartment disappeared for a week. I’m doing it.
But one lasting problem for foggy-brained, gym going, morning me is using a padlock for my locker. Between my three email accounts, social networking sites and various photo sharing capabilities, my brain cannot possible bear a password made up of all numbers, especially before 8 AM.
So last week I tested out the wonderful Word-Lock. It’s a heavy-duty padlock that can be opened with an easy-to-remember word of your choosing. They even give you a long list of ideas, so no creativity required. It’s an amazingly simple little tool that I’ve come to appreciate almost as much as hot water.

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Good Deed Friday: The Gift of Giving (Already!)

Friday, October 31st, 2008

I refuse to let economy woes take all the joy out of shopping… I mean giving. Yes, it’s only Halloween and I’m already planning the perfect (inexpensive) holiday gifts, doing budget projections, and buying online to avoid impulse purchases. Not so festive. But then there’s free shopping software from It automatically identifies over 850 retailers that will donate a percentage of your sale to a charity of your choice.

You download the software, choose your favorite charity (over 200 are participating including the American Heart Association, Oxfam America, Dance4Life , SOS Children’s Villages, and on and on), and when you shop, a little box pops up saying the donation was made. It feels great, even better than buying designer lip gloss on a whim.

Here’s how it works: The percentage of sales that is donated is pre-established between and the retailer, and averages 7% of the sale. This makes you and your charity happy. A commission on the donation covers the operating costs for, which makes them happy. And the retailer is happy because you like them better for being so nice, and will probably shop there again.

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